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After receiving an e-mail from my nurse manager that I MUST take a lunch (which I would LOVE TO by the way) I am so fed up, I'm ready to quit. I've been at this facility as an RN for 2 years but only 9 months on this med-surg... Read More

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    I love this letter, but do not expect for one minute that he/she will back you. If they do, please let us know, because that would be an uplifting post for sure. I wish you the best, and you sound like a nurse I would respect working with.

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    If you value your job and career, suck it up and smile.
    Meet with the manager, thank her for her concern, "as you know I'm a new nurse and I appreciate your time. I do feel overwhelmed at times, because I want to do a great job taking care of my patients. I want to be successful in this job". Come up with a plan. I would clock out for breaks even if you work through them. People do that to keep a job.
    Your manager is probably under fire for staffing costs over budget, and will see you not taking a lunch as a prioritization / disorganization issue.
    And look for another job... if you're already employed you can take your time about finding something you want to do, somewhere with good benefits and a good environment to work in, you won't accept the first thing that comes along...
    Best of luck!
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    Please DON'T clock out for breaks when you work through them. It's illegal, it voids your worker's comp, and your malpractice. It's bad for nursing as a group on your unit. Can you bring this issue for discussion at a staff meeting?
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    Please whatever you do, do not do what 07032003 has said. Make the decision if you are willing to stay if things improve. If the answer is yes then talk to your manager. If the answer is no then send the email. Things might be tight in the market but you will find another job. Just stand up for yourself.
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    I don't have the makeup to do what 07302003 is suggesting. I would have to swallow my bile the whole conversation.
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    don't send that email!!!!!! i would nicely and carefully express your concerns. Its actually illegal for them to tell you to clock out if your not taking a break, and your co-workers could actually get fired if they aren't taking a break and saying they are (for real) because it opens the hospital up to a very big lawsuit if they create a culture that supports this. I do touch base when im regularly not getting a break and let my boss know i want to but i haven't been able to . they have just said ' try if at all possible' but don't say you got one if you didn't.
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    IMO you should not submit this letter in any form!. I am not sure what state you live in but you need to get the facts on why the management is doing this. The odds are they want to follow the labor law and do not want to pay a lunch penalty or have to pay you whatever amount the law states they do if you do not get a lunch. Your letter will not change anything but your life and employment status.

    You are shooting your self in the foot if you do this. The best thing to do in this case is just comply with whatever management is telling you to do to the best of your ability.I have heard it all and I know all the challenges nurses face in getting a lunch break. You have to plan for a lunch break just as you make a plan for for your patient care. You have to ask the management what the plan is for lunch relief. Whatever the plan is you follow it...if that is to use your resource nurse.....rotating lunch times...pass on report to your buddy...whatever the plan is DO IT...Do not clock out and then not take a not work for free. They may even approve the no lunch and pay you with proper authorization but whatever you do........ do not solve the problem for management by doing what you are doing now and not taking a lunch break because they never can get a true picture of the problem and then they can blame it on you and/or the employees.
    If this is not the place for you consider seeking new employment before leaving this one!

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