DON a big borderline?

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    I'm finding that the once believed sweet DON, has been trying to split people.. Myself and my CNA's included. How should I handle this? I have found out that she lied about something one of my CNA's had said to her and wanted to ADNS to "address" this w/me. Because this DON can have her mind on other things while people are talking to her (often if not all the time- which is a big problem in itself)... I'm not sure if her mind was preoccupied while listening to this CNA or if this is some behavior/power WHATEVER thing w/her.

    ALL opinions appreciated..

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    there are always more sides to a story. can you share more details, because i'm not getting what you're trying to say?
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    I would also need to hear some examples if you're willing to post them without fear of being identified.
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    Not enough details to answer the question.
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    Well... I discovered today, that the DON had asked the ADNS to speak to me regarding one of my shifts CNA's telling the DON that I had not been giving her (The CNA) updated patient information ie. ambulation status changes of patients so this CNA can do her job correctly. I am very close with my CNA's (yes I call them "MY" cuz I love them all) and especially this one CNA in question. This CNA told me she hadn't ever said that, and would have no problem discussing with me personally any issues that may come about. And that is true, and I would feel comfortable talking to her as well.
    This DON has a tendency for her mind to wander.. maybe ADD or just crazy because her job is crazy. I understand that. So, I don't know if the case was that her mind wasn't fully focused on the conversation w/the CNA or if there is some splitting going on. I always try to see the best in people, and am more inclined to believe she hadn't heard her correctly. I'm just unsure, if I should talk to my DON about this "mix up"... or let it go for now. Thanks for your advice...
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    So it was just this one incident?
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    I would speak to the DON and tell her you spoke to the CNA to clear up the matter and now believe the DON may have been mistaken. Do not allow her to keep an inaccurate recollection of this, and make a written memorandum for record and keep it.
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    Yes. This is the first time something has happened like this.
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    Thank you caliotter3.. I think that's a good idea. I do want to clear this up.
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    I don't think you can come to any conclusion based upon one incident. I agree it sounds like it could easily have been a misunderstanding, and the best avenue is to just try and clear the air. Good luck!

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