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Let's face it: our colleagues are rather interesting people. Some of these individuals are awesome and, as a result, our workdays flow smoothly whenever we work with them. Other people are, well, not... Read More

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    No. I have not.
    I would never tell an oncoming nurse to shut up. I would never tell an off-going nurse to shut up.
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    Quote from nursefrances
    What about the end of shift report nurses, microwave and slowcooker? The microwave nurse- who gives report in 30 seconds-doesn't cover anything, it just seems to splatter about. Then the sloooowcooker-who puts everything in the pot, and has to simmer through report and goes on and on and on......
    Hehe, I go back and forth between these two. Just keep me off the stove or my report will boil over when I'm not looking!!
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    In LTC there's the "med cart zombie", the nurse who's so obsessed with her med pass that she misses more important things, like critically declining residents.
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    The "Big Mouse" is one who eats your food without asking or when your lunch or dinner is missing in the fridge.
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    The "unsure" nurse. Usually a new grad or someone who hasn't been a bedside nurse in a while, always asks if they are doing things right and they usually are. Asks a million questions that they already know the answers too, they are always second guessing themselves. They are so afraid that they will make mistakes, that they make mistakes. Usually end up being a pretty great nurse once they get some confidence.
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    The "my life could be made into a lifetime movie nurse" They miss a ton of work and are always late and always have some elaborate excuse but, never gets in trouble. Management seems to pity them. Their excuse for missing the last 2 weeks of work sounds like it is straight from a movie. Noone half believes a word that comes out of their mouth. Likes to play the victim and be the center of attention but, they are a nice person. They are usually pretty lazy and care more about socializing than working.
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    The the poster complaining about labels: I think any of us who aren't self-deluded and/or self-ignorant know which label or labels we fall under in the opinion of our coworkers. I can see not being a fan of labels and boxes for people, but the fact is labeling things and people along with recognizing patterns are part of some of our most basic survival skills as human beings. Welcome to the human condition; you can either learn from it (preferably laughing along the way at the utter ridiculousness of it at times) or be offended by it.

    I had to giggle at the whole "nurse perfect label" though. I thought the whole never being late, never missing a shift, never bringing your personal problems to work thing was simply called "professionalism".

    Here a couple of more:

    The Time Card Puncher: The nurse who OBVIOUSLY doesn't give a crap about her patients and is just there for the pay check. You seriously doubt this nurse is giving her meds, feeding her peg tubes, changing her dressings etc. My absolute least favorite nurse with whom to work (seriously, I'd rather work with the bully; I can handle her ).

    The Social Butterfly: This nurse is a family favorite because she is gives them so much attention and is such an expert smoozer. She leaves you wondering when exactly the families think she is providing pt care if she has all that time to smooze with them.

    We always called the nurse who thought she should be off for every weekend and holiday "nurse special".
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    haha, great post!
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    Quote from lindseylpn
    The "unsure" nurse. Usually a new grad or someone who hasn't been a bedside nurse in a while, always asks if they are doing things right and they usually are. Asks a million questions that they already know the answers too, they are always second guessing themselves.
    That was me. Thank goodness, not so much anymore, but I still have my moments.
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    Quote from lavender59
    The "Big Mouse" is one who eats your food without asking or when your lunch or dinner is missing in the fridge.
    I thought it was odd I started eating food with names. Just the other day I ate a sandwich named Andy.
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    That was entertaining... but I see so much negativity towards second-career MSNs in general that I feel the need to offer a different view in defense of wonderful new nurses I graduated with.

    After a long career in (corporate business, design, entertainment, academia, dance...) she took the drastic step of becoming a nurse because she yearned for a more meaningful work. She is passionate about patient care and advocacy, loves to sit on committees and do projects for the unit. She identifies systemic flaws and pushes for a positive change -- better not hire her if you like stagnant status quo! She can put together some darn good powerpoint presentation in a snap. Educational materials? Visuals for a staff meeting? She's got it. She can be a headless chicken while trying to learn the ropes of being a nurse, but if you start get to know her, she's got some interesting stories to tell from her "previous life."
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    I'm a second-career nurse, and I didn't take offense to the OP's description of second-career people. Why? Because I didn't fit the FULL description.

    Yes, it would be mightily annoying to have a new second-degree nurse coming onto a floor and expecting to be in management. How would this same person have felt if a newly-graduated MBA with no corporate experience walked into her corner office and demanded to be a manager because she didn't get the MBA "to carry out other people's ideas."
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    I don't take offense either. It's a humor piece.

    I simply wanted to neutralize a bit because you rarely see anything positive about those MSN grads around here. There are good nurses and bad nurses from all walks of life. Direct-entry MSNs get unusually skewed bad rap because of some bad apples. Such programs make it clear that graduates are expected to build bedside experience for the first few years at the least. Someone who thought she was going directly into management just because she holds some degree, either the program misled their students or she is deluded, and HR made a mistake of hiring an egoistical moron. That's not the typical attitude. Don't let a few bad examples taint your opinion for the general.
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