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I recently had an IM conversation with a member who accused me of being degrading and non supportive, and said I should make a public appology over comments I made. I called the poster naive. The... Read More

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    Quote from deeDawntee
    There is a difference between giving feedback on a behavior (doing your son's homework) and feedback that attacks a person directly.
    i don't see how calling someone "naive" is attacking...


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    Yes, I definitely think in the right context being called naive could be very degrading... that is a direct comment on someone's character.
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    Well everyone thanks for your responses. I got what I was asking for. In this particular case, I think I was right but probably worded my response in a way the sounded more confrontational than helpfull. Because of that, anything I said afterwords wasn't accepted at all.

    Sometimes I just disagree with things posted here so strongly, that even when I read over what I just wrote, I'm probably not seeing that I'm wording things way to strongly.

    I'll try to do better, but I"m sure I"m going to step on a few more toes in the future.
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    I have posted things several times that were misinterpeted, and I felt horrible, because how it was taken was not how I meant to say it (in fact, this very situation happened to me a few months ago). And, I have re-read some of my posts to see if it can, in fact, have been interpeted as being callous or rude. Sometimes, I have seen where it could have been worded better and had egg in my face, other times, it really couldn't worded any differently, and then there are the times that I clearly meant what I said...period.

    I do take more time to review and read before I press the enter button, because it cannot be taken back. Or, I may try and further explain myself if there is a flame war based on a misunderstanding of how I worded something.

    Maybe PM the person with a private explanation if this is really bothering you, or again, maybe just move on. This is an active site. We do move on past grievances most of the time.

    As others have stated, it is REALLY hard to convey feelings at times on line because we see no facial expressions, we really do not know each other personally, leaving room to assume a lot. There are some people here whose posts I love to see, but I don't know anything about them other than what they post. I don't know if they take time to respond to things after thinking or that they are impulsive and rude.
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    Having someone suggest that your view is naive, as opposed to being told you are naive, is two totally different scenarios.
    The latter is a personal attack. The former is not an attack on the person themself.
    Name calling or labelling is never supportive.
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