Cruel and Animalish treatment to patient - page 3

I wrote this when I used to be a nurse assistant.. It's about an incident that changed my life as a patient care person... I hope people can learn something from really hurt me in... Read More

  1. by   BradleyRN
    Quote from joeyapple59
    talk so mean to him and ...tell him to ...shutup he began to around and throw his covers was pissin me off..honestly..i wanted to relax and nothing.....but instead I had to keep getting up and .. I would at points be so rough with him feel like **** but I was irritated... and at points purposely hurting joe...i really shouldn't be here...I should turn my badge in and call it even
    I am appalled by your story. If you have to beat up on a defenseless patient to learn that it is wrong, then that is too big a price to pay for your services. All the people saying how you have "learned your lesson" would not feel the same if "Joe" were their father or husband. Instead, they would be demanding your job and your license. Turn yourself in to the BON for abuse, and take the bad marks on your license. Only then should your conscience rest.