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and then decide at the last minute that they don't want them! LOL Don't even get me started!!!! I am part time so everyone likes to bug the crap out of me about their scheduling issues. I love my weekend schedule and I am keeping... Read More

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    This is a problem on my unit as well. We have a few who schedule themselves for ridiculous stretches at a time. Like 10-12 in a row. One of them also has a full-time day job, how this person can work nights on top of that I do not know. They blow up my phone on my days off or worse yet will sit next to you and whine for the entire shift about how if you would just pick up one of the days for them they would be eternally grateful. If they cannot find someone to cover them they call off, leaving the unit to scramble at the last minute. This is definitely a management issue and I wish my manager would put into place some of the policies you guys have written about.

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    But yet the hospitals won't hire enough staff to solve the problem.
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    That sucks! I had the same problem too when I was part time. Now that I am full time, they don't ask a lot anymore.
    My rule is: If they want one of my days, then I better get one of theirs in return. I always pick one of my random days between days off, so that way I get like 6 days off!
    Oh and we have this paper that both parties sign, and when that gets approved, and they do not show up on your shift (and vice versa) then its on them, not on me!
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    What about people who call you and beg PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cover my shift, but then are always busy and just can't possibly when you ask them to cover yours?!? SMH!

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