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Hello all! Recently I started working on a tele/med/surg (transitioning to PCU) unit in a large hospital. I haven't had a permanent nursing job in over six months so I'm getting back into... Read More

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    saline is used primarily to clear the suction tube between passes. A saline bullet would be used to help thin secretions during suctioning. Sterile saline is used to keep trach as clean as possible; for oral suction tap water would be good enough.

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    I want to thank each one of you for your kind responses!!

    Now for the plastic lining of the cardboard, when I first saw that I through it away as I thought it was the wrapping!! LOL (Again, not graceful)

    I've been a nurse for five+ years and on some things, I well and others, not so well. Some of the "tasks" I think fumble on because I don't do them regularly, or haven't done them regular as I've not worked solidly for a while.

    I appreciate you're comments and know that there are other klumsy folks out there The TVs that hang from the ceiling for patients, I've hit my share of those! (I'm 6'2") and that doesn't help.

    Thanks again and you've lifted my spirits!

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    Add me to the klutzy crowd list. Always have at least one bruised area I can't explain. And drop and/or spill, I'm with ya on that. In LTC we would add a couple drops of baby oil inside the colostomy bag and make sure it coated the inside, then BM could be emptied easily. Don't know if your facility would allow but it is a thought.
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    Hey, if I don't have a new 'ding' or bruise somewhere on my body at the end of a shift, I haven't worked hard enough!

    I am also very uncoordinated and klutzy. I've tripped over catheters, dumped trays, knocked over flower arrangements and full urinals, fallen over floor mats......yep, just call me Grace. LOL

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