Behavior That Just Shouldn't Fly - page 2

There's something to be said about being professional. That one's conduct as a nurse is appropriate. There is a tremendous amount of undue stress and drama when a co-worker is less than stellar in... Read More

  1. by   gonzo1
    I have worked 3 staff jobs and several long term travel contracts and per diem agency jobs as an RN. All I can add to the above is that some of the places I have worked in were great with wonderful teamwork and some were horrible places. I was bullied in a couple of the places. I like to vote with my feet and leave. I have been an object of bullying and I have witnessed other (very good) nurses being bullied.
    For the last 2 years I have worked with an awesome group of nurses and we all work together very well. If you feel like you are not in a good work environment trust your gut and try to find something else. There are a lot of great places. But it can take time to find them.