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There's something to be said about being professional. That one's conduct as a nurse is appropriate. There is a tremendous amount of undue stress and drama when a co-worker is less than stellar in action or words. To learn... Read More

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    Quote from jadelpn
    As adults, we should not have to be in a place where we have to start taking it upon ourselves to "work things out". There are rules in place to prevent bad behavior. Part of HR's job, as well as a manager's job is to consistently apply the rules. It astounds me how much a manager will look the other way on as to not offend the overly sensitive instigator. And unfortunetely, people who engage in this nonsense are really good at getting offended at being called out on their actions...
    I've been on the other end of an "instigator" who went back to a manager to 'apply the rules' on a situation they got all wrong. Based on one person's totally incorrect perception of what they heard, I lost my job! Even though I stated what actually happened, I got canned because the manager wouldn't listen to me. I think it's only fair and objective to everyone for managers to investigate rather than assume the person reporting is always right.

    Been there, done that, suffered horribly from that!
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    Quote from jadelpn
    As adults, we should not have to be in a place where we have to start taking it upon ourselves to "work things out".
    Virtually every professional training course I've taken recommend that utilizing good interpersonal skill and conflict management skills is the first step in dealing with difficult situations and people.
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    I am dealing with two very insecure MA's who are trying to make me and the other nurses miserable, management is afraid of them. Would love for them to fall off the face of the earth!
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    I have worked 3 staff jobs and several long term travel contracts and per diem agency jobs as an RN. All I can add to the above is that some of the places I have worked in were great with wonderful teamwork and some were horrible places. I was bullied in a couple of the places. I like to vote with my feet and leave. I have been an object of bullying and I have witnessed other (very good) nurses being bullied.
    For the last 2 years I have worked with an awesome group of nurses and we all work together very well. If you feel like you are not in a good work environment trust your gut and try to find something else. There are a lot of great places. But it can take time to find them.

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