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Sometimes nursing drains the living daylights out of me. However, I love what I do. It is never a dull moment. However, lately I've had some pretty awkward moments and thought I'd share. Feel free to add yours! -That awkward... Read More

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    That moment when the jail inmate asks for your number as you're wheeling him into the OR, and you laugh it off saying it's the drugs talking. The anesthesiologist looks at you seriously, and says, " I haven't given him anything yet." I didn't know how to respond.
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    Quote from 08RNGrad
    the worst EVER was in nursing school where I had to "prep" a man for a cath...shaving the "area" when he was aroused, and I nicked his N*&s and to top it off, his wife was in the room!
    I'm not going to lie...had the best laugh I've had in days when I read this!
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    That awkward moment when after finishing post mortem care on a patient who has passed and the daughter comes in to visit. Yup, no one stopped her. Took me a few minutes to realize she didn't know......

    "No day but today"

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