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moving to North Dakota

  1. 0 Hi to all!!!
    LPN moving to ND from Ct. end of summer. Would like any tips or information what to expect, how you all like your positions, etc. Looking also to have a coffee klatch once I get there!!!
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    Where are you moving to in ND? I'm a new LPN (passed nclex in January) and live in the south central region. I work in a LTC and basic care.
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    northern North Dakota, preferably Minot/Williston...although open to anywhere else
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    i llive in minot and work at trinity hospital. we would love to have you. minot is growing and is very welcoming. i have worked at trinity 22 years. we would love to have you on medical.
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    GinaW--what is the staffing like at Trinity for each shift on a Med/Surg unit? Do you work 8 or 12 hr shifts? Do you have to rotate shifts? Do they ever pull staff from the hospital to work at the Home? Is it every other weekend? Does the local college offer any nursing continuing education classes? Does anyone offer some sort of distance MSN classes?

    Thanks so much.
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    Just FYI Grand Forks and many other hospitals are phasing out having LPNs in an acute care setting. My advice to LPNs out there is to go get your BSN or RN. Pay is way better, but you do basically the same amount of work. North Dakota also has a loan repayment plan I think if you dedicate 5 years to working in state otherwise you have to pay it back.
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    I finally got the job but it does not seems I can find a place to live, could you please tell me what you think I should do?? because without the place to live, nothing looks possible?

    Thank you in advance for any help in this matter.