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How many North Dakota nurses visit this forum? Raise your hands :yeah: and let the world know that North Dakota does exist and were proud to be here!:chuckle Roll Call: I am a clinic office nurse in a busy orthopedic... Read More

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    Hello! I am a nurse who woked lived and worked in ND from 1971 to 1989 and then moved south to Colorado and ended up in Arizona working full-time as an Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist in Phoenix, AZ area. I check this link every so often to see what is being discussed in ND from a nursing perspective. I am grateful for the nursing education and work experience I had in ND as it continues to serve me well in my CNS position. Thank you.

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    Hey there!!

    I am an LPN who is going to be taking the RN boards soon. I just finished an ADN program in Devils Lake. In fact we just had our pinning tonight and graduation tomorrow.

    I am so excited to be finished and someday I think that I will work on my BSN.. I just need a break for awhile.

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    Wow I started this thread almost 3 years ago and I see it does get a response every so often. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to my fellow North Dakota nurses and soon to be nurses!!!!
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    Just wanted to send out a hello to all the ND nurses from Grand Forks.
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    I have not visited this site for a while. I just want to send my hello to all the ND nurses. I was there during th great flood of the 90's in GF, In fact my son was born there. I consider myself a NODAK at heart because of that. GFAFB 91-95

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