Anyone moving to Minot and looking to share housing ?

  1. I'm going to be moving to Minot at the end of Sept. for a job with Trinity and I was wondering if anyone else was moving around the same time or already in Minot and looking for a room mate.
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  3. by   EmilyMrn
    Im moving too at the end of this month! Where are you working! Are you in the Oct 3rd Orientation? If one of us can get an apartment thats two bedrooms let the other know for sure!
  4. by   ewrn
    Yes I will be in the Oct. 3rd Orientation. I will be working a rotating position in the clinics. I'm thinking about getting up there at least a week before to find a place. It's kind of scary because many places won't rent to you unless you are in person. I'm trying to find a place where I can pay about 500-600 a month in rent. I'm going to start calling around today to see if I can get something setup.
  5. by   EmilyMrn
    Iv been trying for about two weeks now and have not been successful even finding something available. Iv even considered renting a room thats how desperate iv gotten lol!
  6. by   ewrn
    Did you get hired through an agency or directly by the hospital ? I have heard that even the hotels have no availability till at least Sept. 18th I got hired through an agency and they told me that the hospital has apartments and its 950 a month for a 2 bedroom. They encourage nurses to room mate together and I think its a 6 month min. lease. I also know its very hard to get a place secured unless you are there. Many places won't rent sight unseen and if they have people there ready to rent they get first choice.
  7. by   EmilyMrn
    If you get a two bedroom apartment and want a roomie to help with rent ill totally help you out. It would be cool to know someone. I didnt get hired with an agency so im kinda on my own.
  8. by   ewrn
    Did you ever find anything ? I have been looking with no luck so far. I'm also waiting to hear about an apartment through trinity.
  9. by   ZenStudent
    I am going to be moving to minot from grad starting november 7th. Anyone have luck with apartments?? It is hard for me to wrap my head around this concept of no housing!