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Hello AllNurses, I just discovered that WSSU has an ABSN program. I want to apply and get some feedback on the program from current or past students. I have a non-nursing BA my GPA was a 3.1. Do I stand a chance for entry into... Read More

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    When I called last week, I was told that letters would be sent out the end of this week. The wait is killin' me! Good luck!

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    Are they going to send an email before that?
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    Has anyone heard anything? I'm very antsy.
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    I just got my acceptance packet today!!
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    The mail carrier just came with good news for me! I'm so happy. Congratulations, ErinJane! Best wishes to everyone else, too.
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    Hey everyone! Congrats on those that got in! Nothing in my mailbox yet, but I did get an email (it was vague and didn't say much). Did anyone else get a email? My mail is always about a week late (that is what I get for living in the middle of nowhere). Thanks!
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    Erinjane1, do you live in the triad?
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    Who in Greensboro has received an acceptance package?
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    Where do you live? I got nothing in the mail today
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    Congrats to all who got in

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