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Hello AllNurses, I just discovered that WSSU has an ABSN program. I want to apply and get some feedback on the program from current or past students. I have a non-nursing BA my GPA was a 3.1. Do I... Read More

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    I've heard that it is up in the air. They may or may not, but neither one is definite yet.
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    Thanks. I know you are very busy but whenever you get the chance, please take a moment and let us know how the program is going and how intense it is.
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    The program is going well. A bit frustrating at times because like other programs it is a bit disorganized. It is intense, some like the speed of things and some are finding that it is too much. Most importantly I think I am learning what I need to know to become a competent nurse. Also, they provide you with a lot of helpful resources if you need something supplemental to lecture. Everyone studies different in the program, some like to read most of all the chapters, some just study the powerpoints, some use ATI resources, and some use a little bit of everything. Hope this helps I'll try to answer what I can
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    Hi Hopeful4Nurse,

    I'm in the accelerated program currently. They say that the minimum requirements are a C in prerequisite courses. However, a lot of the students admitted will have much higher grades in those courses. If I were you, I'd retake any course where you earned less than a B. About 300 people apply every year and they choose 45 students so you want to have a strong application.

    Hope this helps.

    To answer another question from another post, I did not have to provide an SAT or GRE score.
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    It is now a requirement. My hypothesis is because they want to ensure that potential students know "how" to test. If you have strong SAT or ACT scores, it indicates that you have been successful with taking standardized exams. From what I have seen, Accelerated student NEED to have the top notch science scores. Even then, I've seen some not get accepted to the ABSN program, but were later accepted to the traditional program.
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    That maybe true, but at the same time you have a very intelligent people who do not test well. I have a BS degree in science is but I test horribly. If they discount me on my SAT score and do not take into account my high GPA that is pretty trashy. And plus there is a big difference between testing your knowledge and being able to apply that knowledge in a real life situations such as the ER.
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    The requirement is SAT (Verbal/Critical Reading) score of 470 or higher OR ACT (English) score of 19 or higher. It does not say anything about a structured test. They could have used TEAS V instead.
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    I am tired of waiting! I wanna know now!
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    Hi! I applied for WSSU ABSN Jan 2013 entry, does anyone know when we will be able to find out if we got in?
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    I understand that it will be sometime in eary October. Do yoiu know if Baptist is still funding the program?
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    The wait is on and I am also sick of waiting
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    Thank you for telling me when I need to start looking for something in the mail! As for the funding issue, I really don't know. I have had a hard time getting in touch with someone over the phone in the nursing department to get an answer on this issue. However, I noticed that they did change the application. When I started looking at the ABSN program in 2011 the application included a page that gave information on the hospital contract and how the process kind of worked, but when I applied in Aug. 2012 the application had changed and that page was missing (which does not look like a good sign). While it would be great to get funded, the estimated $17,000 price for this program is actually one of the cheaper programs that lead to a BSN (UNC is the other program I am looking at and both their regular BSN track and ABSN track are comparable in cost to WSSU but they take longer). I think without the Baptist funding nursing applicants for the ABSN program are going to decline since that deal was a huge incentive.
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    I did talk to someone at the department and I was told that the contract with Baptist was over and that it is up in the air as to whether Baptist will continue to fund applicants or not. I was on the fence about the funding because although, getting a stipend and your school fees paid looks enticing, signing a contract for 3 years just because of $17,000.00 was a little bit difficult for me to take. With that said, that does not mean I would not consider the funding when given the opportunity.
    Last year they sent an initial email to all accepted applicants so I guess they will do the same this year. Did you write SAT or ACT?