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Hi, I am looking at accelerated 2nd degree BSN programs in several states (I'm currently in MN). One of the programs that I am possibly interested in is Winston-Salem State. I saw on the website... Read More

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    Hello again spalding75,
    Oh it does sound like your AP professor is not giving much guidance - could you tell from the first exam where most of the info came from? If you happen to have ****, do take the time to try and understand it all because I had him at GTCC (he was working there part time as well as WSSU), and he was tough - he really wants you to understand all of the material rather than simply memorizing it. If there's a website that was given with your A&P book use it, it will help make more sense if you view the videos that's on there. I took the other half of my classes at GTCC, they do offer a lot of night classes..a friend of mine took Chem at night and although it was hard she really liked her professor and the night classes seem to be a little more relaxed (as far as professors working with you more) than day classes. I didn't take any online classes except Psych because all of mine required a lab. I have applied at Chapel Hill as well as WSSU so I tried to incorporate all my classes to suffice for both so I never had to take LifeSpan. Definitely push hard for those A's!!!! let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Does anyone have any info on the scheduling of the classes- how man hours a week/ days per week would a student in this program send on campus or doing clinicals? Also, another thing I was wondering about... Does Baptist Hospial pay a standard salary rate for the 3 years that you are under contract? Or is it less give that they have funded your nursing education? I'm looking into this program, and it sounds like a great deal. Just wondering about the details. Thank you to anyone that can offer any information!!
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    hello to alll!!!

    can anyone tell me if the funding by baptist hospital covers tuition for students who plan on staying on campus as well? or is this just tuition coverage for student who do not need room and board?
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    Any idea what they look at in candidates for the tuition contract?
  6. by   DUKE#1
    I personally would not work for WFUBMC, especially if it involves a contract!! I have several nursing friends currently employed there (under 2 or more contract year commitments) & they are not happy . This particular contract had a lot of "fine print" & lots of money that must be paid back if the contract is not fulfilled!!! Make sure you read EVERYTHING before you sign it, if you decide to go with WFUBMC.
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    would you be able to give more details? This makes me a bit nervous