Who applied to Carolinas College of Health Sciences for Fall 2012?? - page 3

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone applied to Carolinas College of Health Sciences for the fall of 2012 semester?? I have been placed on the wait list. Has anyone else applied and got... Read More

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    Quote from VioletKaliLPN
    IDid you take the ACT/SAT as part of their requirements? Did you find the TEAS math easier than the ACT math.Sorry for the bombardment.
    The ACT didn't exist in 1985 when I graduated high school. LOL The English sections of TEAS were really easy for me. I scored 100 on those sections. The math wasn't horrible; luckily I had taken math/dosage calculations recently. I reviewed the science portion and I had just finished A&P 2 and am in micro now so that helped a lot!

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