Who applied to Carolinas College of Health Sciences for Fall 2012??

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    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone applied to Carolinas College of Health Sciences for the fall of 2012 semester?? I have been placed on the wait list. Has anyone else applied and got accepted or wait listed?? I am really hoping that I get accepted.. I would appreciate any information about the school especially for students that are attending or have attended CCHS. Thanks
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    I'm currently attending CCHS in their pre-nursing program. There are a bunch of us who were waitlisted for fall. I'll earn guaranteed admission for spring (as will a majority of those on the wait list) but I would love to be able to start in August instead of January! It's a great school with supportive instructors who truly want you to learn the material and be successful. Fingers crossed we all get a spot for August!
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    Hello Christi,

    When you say "a bunch" how much is a bunch?? Do you know how many people are waitlisted right now for the nursing program in the Fall? I was really hoping to start this Fall. The only reason why I didnt want to go the pre-nursing route is because I already have a degree. I'm glad to hear that it is a great school. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.. By the way, have you taken the TEAS yet???
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    I know of at least 10-12 from pre-nursing who have been waitlisted and another few who got in for fall. I don't know the total number of people on the waitlist. The school doesn't divulge waitlist rankings, either, so no one knows if they're ranked 1st or 21st or 31st. I'm planning as if I will get in (taking another class this summer to finish pre-reqs and studying for the TEAS) AND planning on not getting in and needing guaranteed admission (by maintaining my GPA in pre-nursing). I wish I knew one way or the other! I won't take the TEAS until later this summer so that I have time to review the study books I bought. The deadline for applicants to accept or decline fall admission is this Friday so hopefully they'll start going down the waitlist SOON!
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    The deadline for people on the wait list to secure their place on the list was April 6th.. They asked that you submit proof of your CNA class and fill out a couple of forms... I sent them everything even though they were not asking for it yet. I went ahead and sent them proof of my CPR certification, immunization records, etc. I am hoping that will increase my chances. I am hoping for the best. I will take the TEAS as soon as I get accepted.
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    The waitlist deadline was April 6th but the acceptance/decline deadline for those who were accepted is this Friday. I took my CNA/CPR course there so they have my information for that already as well as all of my immunization records. Now it's just waiting for the mailman to deliver the good news....fingers crossed!
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    I'm wondering what the grades are looking like for people that got accepted right away... I have a 3.65 College GPA and my Bachelor's degree is in Psychology. My high school was a 3.3.. CCHS is considered the number 1 school now and the competition is super tough!!!
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    My HS GPA was around 3.0 (back in 1985) and my college GPA is 4.0 (I have some classes from the late 80s and the rest--55ish credits--are all within the last 4-5 years). I don't have a degree. I've heard that everyone from the spring waitlist got in but only 2 people from last fall's waitlist got in. I know I'm guaranteed a spot for January but I would REALLY REALLY like to start in August!
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    Thats great that you are guaranteed a spot for January!!!! I wish I could have been accepted straight in myself. Only two people got in off the wait list last fall!!!! OMG I hope that is just a rumor... I cant wait to get into my teal and white scrubs and learn at CCHS
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    I decided to go the pre-nursing route at CCHS since I knew I could make the grades to earn guaranteed admission. I would have needed to take A&P 1/2 and Med Term in the nursing program anyway so this way I can get them out of the way now AND earn a guaranteed spot.

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