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I am sure this is probably a stupid question to most of you but, I can't really find the difference between and LPN and a CNA II?? I see several ADN programs that say "Eligible for NAII" after the second semester in the ADN... Read More

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    Excuse me-correction-CNA-IIs do NOT administer meds. It doesnt' matter in the state's eye's how much training and education you have had. You may have taken an entire RN-ADN program, but if you don't pass the state boards, you are not an RN. It's your position on the registry for you state that says what you are allowed and able to do. This is what gets a lot of EMTs in trouble. I've supervised girls that were both EMT trained and CNA-1 trained. I had to remind them that when they were working as CNA's, they were not in the role of EMTs and thus could not do some of those skills they could do while riding on the ambulance. Know your scope of practice. When I worked in coronary care, there were a lot of cardiac drips that LPNs could not hang. I think this is still current that LPNs in NC cannot hang drips that have to be titrated to cardiac effect. Things can get complicated depending on what setting you work in and there are differences between states. I think the compact states probably are on the same page or we wouldn't be able to work in them without getting a new license in them.

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    The tone of this thread seems a bit negative towards unlicensed assistive personnel. It makes a person wonder - how many of the posters have worked as CNAs or Med Techs/Aides prior to getting licensed?
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