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Where do I go for nursing school?? I already have a BA in Poli-sci/Pre-Law, and I want to know what is the best school for me to go to. I have researched each and is still unable to decide.... Read More

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    Quote from ICU11
    Do the prereqs at a CC. Some you can take online. It is much faster to go the UNC route. I had to take ALL of the prereqs and did them in just two semesters at a CC. UNC is extremely competitive, so you need to get all A's in prereqs and write good essays. UNC is the #5 nursing school in the country. Really calculate the time it would take you to get into the ADN program and do the program. I am getting a BSN in 14 months at UNC, plus the 2 semesters of prereqs. The ADN would have taken much longer and then I would still have had to the BSN classes on top of that. I have three children under 5. It can be done! Go for it, no matter what school it is. I am about to graduate and can't believe it. It seemed like such a long time when I started but it has flown by. If you really want to be a nurse, pick the right program for you, and go for it.
    How did you pay your bills while in school? Did you have a good support system?

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    Loans, lots and lots of loans.
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