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i was wondering if anybody had any advice on this program before i apply for it.I believe that it is a great program as far as what i read online at their website also does anyone have advice on the... Read More

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    i am reallly confused i have to be full time for financial aid and va ? so how will that be if im only taking one 4 hour class ?
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    Quote from kml0807
    i am reallly confused i have to be full time for financial aid and va ? so how will that be if im only taking one 4 hour class ?
    It is accelerated so typically one class will last 6 weeks but A&P ended up being 10 I think. So, you are getting full college credit and will be considered full time. You will have to spend quite a bit of time out of class doing work to be able to keep up with a 1 day a week class.
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    okay awesome i was just like how is it considered full time i know at my school now full time is 12 credits so i really did not know how it worked at mount olive
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    Hi all!
    I graduated from UNC with a BA in Journalism in 2011 and I've been working in the industry for several years, and it's just NOT the field for me. I've wanted to be a nurse for the longest time...even in undergrad, but it was too late to switch majors!

    I'm looking into Watts and it's getting me so excited! I'm going to try and go to an information session next week, but I'd love some input.
    -Can I take the admissions test anytime? I don't know if I'd enroll in the MO College pre-requisites until next summer. Would my admissions test score still count? When do the pre-req classes at MO start? If I was accepted to the program in May of 2014, would my prereqs be done by Jan to start nursing courses?

    -Who did y'all get to do your references? I am about to get my CNA in September, so I'm hoping after a little while working, I can get my supervising RN to write one of them. But I'm stumped about the other two -- it's been a while since I was in college, so I don't know if my professors would agree. And I have great bosses currently, but it's in a completely different field -- magazine writing!

    Really any info on how to get the process started, when classes start, etc. would be so so wonderful!!!
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    I brought the book from the watts site its called the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review edition 3 I hope this works for you
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    I also bought the recommended HESI guide but also bought the McGraw Hill practice test book which has been immensely helpful in studying.
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    Hi. Congrats on being accepted in Watts. I'm thinking about attending Watts also. I was wondering how do you like the school so far? I am trying to get different reviews from Watts students to see if I want to attend that school or stay in Durham Tech Community College. Hope to hear from u
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    I graduated from there in '02. Two bits of advice/warning: prepare yourself for 2 years of boot camp, and be FLEXIBLE and go with the flow.