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Wanted to see who else is going to Watts (Mt Olive) starting in June. I just got my acceptance letter today! Wondering who my fellow classmates will be!... Read More

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    Thank you for the suggestion!
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    What is the ISBN for the book you need? I still have mine. Dont worry about the wedding, just let your instructor know in advance.
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    Thanks RumGirl2011!

    The ISBN # is 9780073532097 The title is Life-Span and Development and the author is Santrock 13th edition

    Thanks again, I appreciate the response
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    Got it. Can you send PM's yet?
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    Hi. RumGirl2011 I am to new to this site to PM I was out f town, sorry for the delay. I would love to buy the book from you if you are wanting to sell it
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    Yes, I would love to sell it.
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    Hi how should we make arrangements I cannot yet do a PM
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    I sent you a PM, see if you can check it.