Wake Med Nurse Residency Program Spring 2013

  1. 0 The website for the nurse residency program says that they're accepting applications for the spring 2013 Cohort. There are no applications under the new grad category though! Did I miss the application deadline, or have they not put it up yet?
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    You might have missed the deadline. I applied there for a specific position but Im not sure when it was posted because I received an email saying that they are going through the initial pool of applicants.
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    Well that's a bummer! But thank you for your comment!
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    I actually saw that the position I applied to is different from the hospital you were referring to. Im sorry for the confusion but the hospital you're talking about doesn't have apps up but I'm not sure if you missed the date. It might not have been posted at all yet so I would just keep checking!
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    Okay!!! Thank you!
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    Have you seen they have applications posted now??
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    I applied! Glad you said something, b/c definitely somewhere Im interested in
    Does anyone know if everyone who applies comes for interviews or if they select from the applicant pool?
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    Most of the time i thought hospitals look through the applications and then choose who they would like to interview. This job search has been tough but I know soon I will get something.
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    Yes! Don't give up something will come out of all these apps! Haha
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    And Katie, I believe they only select people they want to interview, not everyone who applies.
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    Hi all! I also applied for the WakeMed residency programs. The description wasn't very specific on how to qualify so I'm not sure if I really have a chance. Does anyone know if there is an experience (or lack thereof) requirement? I've been an RN 2 years, but recently finished by BSN and hoping to get into acute care. I've only done outpatient work, so I know I would greatly benefit from a residency program. However, I'm not sure if hospitals are willing to take those that aren't completely green to nursing. Good luck all. I hope you hear back soon
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    Hey JilyRN!

    I'm not sure about wake meds program, but other nurse residencies I have applied for require that you've been an RN for 6 months or less! I would email the recruiter if there's an email address!
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    Quote from snfairfax
    Yes! Don't give up something will come out of all these apps! Haha
    Thanks I definitely wont give up!!

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