Wake Forest/Raleigh maternal child homecare?

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    Hi, I will be moving from northeastern PA to the Wake Forest/Youngsville area to assist with an ill family member during chemo tx. I'm currently doing maternal/child home health visits fulltime. We do a healthy beginnings,postpartum, and NICU D/C to home program. I've been looking at Duke, WakeMed, etc. and don't see anything like this there. Does anyone know of this type of home healthcare in the area? Any information would be great, I'd hate to go back to a hospital setting. I would go back to MedSurg homecare if needed. thanks for any/all info!

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    I work in Duplin County, NC and I do the CSC (child service coordination) portion of what you are talking about. We have the baby love programand have applied for the healthy beginnigs grant. I love my job and will not go back to the hospital (unless I have to)
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    If you are interested in doing the maternal/newborn visits, you should look at the Wake County job listings. The Wake County Health and Human Services (used to be called the Health Dept) nurses are the lovely folks who do those visits.
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    The Birth Center in Chapel Hill (http://www.ncbirthcenter.com/) also does this. I had my youngest there, it's a wonderful place with really fabulous women working there.

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