Waiting on ADN letter from JCC...

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    Anyone else getting a little ancy (sp?) about the letters coming in for the ADN program @ JCC??? I took the TEAS in February & have been waiting patiently until May 1st hit. Now I'm hoping some miracle will happen & the letters will be sent early!! LOL

    Good luck everyone!

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    I am! I not at JCC, but I've applied for the traditional 4 yr program at Univeristy of Louisville, and the letters won't even come in until July!! Ugh, I hate waiting, I just want to know now!! Good luck!
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    Hi jedwards080-

    I've also applied to JCC Fall 2011. According to the office, it may be another 2-3 weeks.(called today) I've been accepted into 2 other programs but this is my first choice because of location and the nursing program reputation. However, I'm not sure if I did well enough on the TEAS to be accepted at JCC. She told me about a month ago that you would need at least 100 points to be competitive, however point totals can change from week to week.
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    @ Highpraise ~
    I was accepted a couple years back at JCC, but at that time I turned it down. I looked at the letter a few weeks ago & it was dated 5/20. There's also some strings from last year stating that some folks got their letters around the 25th. The suspense is just killing me...
    Good to know about the point ranking...what did you score on the TEAS combined with your pre-req scores?
    GOOD LUCK!!! Where else did you get accepted?
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    I didn't do as well on the TEAS as I would have liked to. I think my point total was around 100...I also just completed A&P II. I've been accepted at NASH and Edgecombe. I really haven't heard much about either of their programs. My brother graduated from JCC about 12 years ago and is now a nurse practitioner and really speaks highly of JCC. Since you did well enough to get in the first time, I'm sure you did well enough to get in again. GOOD LUCK to you!
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    My letter came today. I had 121 points total.
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    Congratulations!!! I got mine today also!!! :spin:
    So which school are you going to attend? I saw you'd posted on another thread that you were also trying for WTCC. Good luck & hope to meet you in person.
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    Congratulations to you as well! I'm not sure...I've already paid for the drug screen/background check at Wake Tech though and the mandatory orientation at JCC comes at a time when I will be out of the state. I also got into the sonography program I applied to at JCC as a back up lol. I've got lots of thinking to do over the next two days.
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    Wow!! You were more than determined to get into a program this year! LOL
    How much was the background check & drug screening? Did you have to pay for both at the same time? We're on a single income right now, so I have to work this into my budget ASAP! JCC is using CertifiedBackground.com...is that the same as WTCC?
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    LOL yeah I was tired of pre-reqs and not being in a program. My husband said he knew I would get in but I still worried. Wake Tech uses a different one....www.studentscreener.com. It was 28 for the background check and 78 for the drug screen. All I have left is the physical and any titers/vaccines. I liked how Wake Tech let us know about it and we had a little over a month to do one, then a month and a half for the other stuff. I looked at their book list for fall and that price is scary! But I've heard you use the same books all 2 years and add on just a couple more here and there. JCC might be the same with that.

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