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    Anyone out there get a call for an interview for UNC's New Grad program for the Fall. I interview on Tuesday and am both excited and nervous!

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    Hey there! I applied for the program but I haven't heard anything back. Hopefully I will. What units did you apply for/going in to interview for? Good luck with the interview!!
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    When did you graduate?
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    I have an interview in both the PICU and the 6 Womens (GYN/ONC). I graduated from a BSN program in March in Phoenix. We relocated out here in January and I had to go back and forth for two months to finish up Capstone.

    Haven't had much luck with any of the hospitals thus far, but hoping that one of these will work out for me!
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    If you don't mind me asking did you have prior experience in the units you applied for? Such as senior preceptor-ship? Good luck on the interviews I hope everything works out!
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    Thank you! My preceptorship was on a Med/Oncology floor. I was mainly on the Onc floor during pediatrics also... So no real experience in the actual units interviewing for.
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    How did the interviews go?
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    I think they went well...but it's really hard to say. It was a long day and by the last one I had a hard time thinking of situations to answer the questions. Now I wait...hopefully not too long though!
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    What school did you graduate from? I just graduated from ASU on the 5th and I am moving to Greensboro for a job I was offered out there. Did you apply for your license immediately in NC? If so how long did it take from when you sent your transcripts until they showed online as received and until you got your authorization to take the NCLEX?
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    I don't know if your talking to me but I graduated from University of Toledo in Ohio and applied for endorsement for NC license in July before I even moved to NC. Received my temporary license pretty fast within a week or two of turning in all my paperwork. Then received my licenses later on in the month. I wouldn't know how long it takes to directly apply to take the NCLEX in the state. I know that my instructors also said that it's quicker to apply to take the NCLEX in your home state and then just endorse but I'm not sure.

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