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Hey Everyone, I applied to the first round at UNC-CH school of nursing and am wondering if anyone has heard back from the school. Or know when they should send out acceptance letters. Any... Read More

  1. by   ncsteph
    Hey congrats to all of those that got in.. I'll be applying on July 2011 and would like some tips what were ya gpa's like? essay questions? and I haven't done any community service. Please help with any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated : )
  2. by   superWufie
    ncsteph: I don't really like posting my stats or anything online, but I can say that I had "good" grades (nothing outrageous, but definitely no grades to sneeze at); the chemistries really gave me a hard time, but my other grades were pretty decent. I also had some shadowing and volunteering experiences that might have looked good.

    I would def suggest, if you don't have any work experience, to ask around about shadowing/volunteering. Most places would invite a shadow and I know lots of schools want to see that you know at least a little about healthcare....

    I'm betting my essays helped me more than anything. That's not to brag; I'm just saying I don't think my application was super impressive otherwise. (I hate talking about myself. Just...ugh!!) For the essays, I took the advice given to job seekers: learn stuff about the company you're applying to. I tried to make it clear why I really wanted to go to UNC and what their program and I could offer each other (sorta lol). I also addressed my weaknesses and turned them into strengths or at least talked about what lessons I learned from them.

    So, hope that helps some! Keep in mind that UNC is "getting to know you almost solely through your essays" since they don't require much else as far as application materials (they told us that at open house and in the application!). Write lots of drafts, don't stress over it, and best wishes to you!
  3. by   florentine
    Thanks for crossing fingers! It came a little late but it came! Orientation April 19th. Heading to health department in Durham next week. Do you all think its better to have my doctor do my shots or go to the health department. Is it cheaper? I don't know how it works there and I dont want a long wait or complications. Right now I want everything done asap.
  4. by   UNC-CH 2011 HOPEFUL
    Health department does tb skin test for $10, tdap is usually free because we are students ( just bring your acceptance letter, in Case they give you a hard time). I've heard the campus health will draw the titers and do the rest of your shots for $25 bucks. But that's assuming you already were able to
    Accept admission on myunc.edu and have a valid pid #
  5. by   Chiboy162
    Congrats Florentine!!! I got my shots at my primary doctor. I had to pay a copay for only one Dr.'s visit. She ordered my shots and the rest were nurse visits at no cost.
  6. by   florentine
    Got it. Thanks