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I just wanted to see if anyone was applying for UNC-Chapel Hill's BSN program starting in May 2013!... Read More

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    Thank you!!! And sure: I graduated from UNC with a BA in Psych in August 2012. I had a 3.5 cumulative GPA. I took my pre-req's at a community college and my "science GPA" was a 4.0.
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    I got my letter today! Very exciting... I am a little bummed that they give you such short notice to decide : /
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    Congrats, earlgreylavender and kelsey939.

    Nail biting anticipation over here......hurry mail, please! LOL
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    Kelsey, how far from Chapel Hill do you live?! I'm trying not to watch my mailbox...this is driving me crazy!!

    Good luck everyone!
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    Funny you should say that, I'm on a stake-out in front of my mom's mailbox right now!! This wait is nerve-racking.
    Congrats Kelsey939
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    I live in Massachusetts! That's why I'm so nervous about giving them a decision in just a couple of days...
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    Congrats Kelsey939!! I live in CA. Hopefully, I can received the letter soon.....I'm so nervous!!!!
    Did your status change at my UNC? I'm keep checking it too although it hasn't changed yet.
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    Kelsey- Can you tell us what date you have to make a decision by?

    This wait is excruciating!!!
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    Yeah - the letter says that I need to send them back my decision no later than March 15th! Also, it says that the status online should change no later than March 25th? Such short notice!
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    Thank you for the info and congrats!

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