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UNC ABSN Spring 2012

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    I was wondering if there is anybody out here who has applied and/or has been accepted to the January 2012 Cohort
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    hi amisadai,

    i applied to the jan 2012 cohort at UNC, but still haven't heard anything either way. have you gotten a reply yet?
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    You may want to call them. Decisions went out around the same time I posted this. We had our first orientation today. Call them and see whats going on.
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    how do you guys already know if the application went up in July?
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    It should be up there. I think the deadline is getting close.
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    I'm still a little bit confused about this whole thing. The deadline for Jan 2012 was August 10, 2011. Are you sure that you all were accepted to Jan 2012 cohort in May or are you talking about August? I'm really confused.
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    From what I understand, a number of applicants who applied to start in May 2011 were accepted early to the Jan 2012 program because of the SON budget cuts and subsequently the switch to only accepting ABSN students once a year (in the spring) as opposed to twice a year. I'm guessing that's the case here?

    Here is the press release explaining what happened:

    Hope that helped!
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    does anyone know how many people were accepted early and how many people they're admitting this round? i got into duke and now i'm waiting to see if i get into carolina because if i do get in - i'm definitely going to unc. but i have to make a deposit/committment to duke in 2 weeks. i don't know what to do.