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Does anybody have any input about working as an RN at Pitt Memorial in Greenville? I've been interested in working there but attend school in another part of the state and have not been within Pitt before. Non-nursing employees... Read More

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    I'm currently in the new grad program at Vidant; they have one just about every other month. We relocated with the military, so I didn't get an reimbursement from the move, but the residency program has been pretty good. Parts of it remind me of nursing school, except now I am being paid for it. They offer the longest nursing residency program I have heard of (original job offer in a Florida hospital would have yielded me a 6 week orientation), here I am getting 18 weeks. I feel confident that I will be prepared to manage my patients on my own at the end of orientation. I love it all so far: great managers, great corporate officers, friendly faces and lots of teaching!I wish you the best and hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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    I just received a phone call telling me they are going to set me up with a skype interview!! I currently live in Massachusetts and am looking to relocate to North Carolina. Is there anyone who has gone through the program that could tell me what new grad RN's make?? I don't want to go through the whole process if it isn't going to be worth my while, since I currently have an RN job in MA!

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