Thoughts on PCMH (now Vidant Medical Center) - page 6

Does anybody have any input about working as an RN at Pitt Memorial in Greenville? I've been interested in working there but attend school in another part of the state and have not been within Pitt... Read More

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    Narakira - Are you starting in March? They offered me a position as well.
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    Great news!!! I start on the 20th of this month. When do u move out here. Congratulations!
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    Congrats TheChair1!!! Very happy for you Please tell us your experience during your on-site interview. Did they ask you tough questions? Were you able to shadow the nurses?
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    simplisticrnx, i tried emailing you but the email address didnt go through. i did get a position in neuroscience. i start in april.
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    TheChair1, congrats!! When do you start and what unit are you going to work in?
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    nathRN, congratulations!! I too accepted an offer from neuroscience and will be starting in April. Looks like we will literally be coworkers, how cool! Have you already started looking at housing? When are you going to head over there?
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    TheChari1, Thats so great! Im going to head over there probably the first or second week in April. How about you? Email me at so we can talk.
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    i have a phone interview with pmch /vidant next week. i am wondering what the internal medicine nurses do? i do not know much about the internal medicine department . any insights / thoughts/ info are much appreciated!
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    How did you apply for the jobs? Have you contacted nurse recruiters,or applied online?
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    Can any one tell me after submitting online application, Is there any thing do I need to take care, because some of the hospitals required reference letter and transcripts. I am applying for 2012 New graduate position. I appreciate your respone.


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