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This is for all students accepted into Mercy School of Nursing or put on their alternate list. How many points did you have from the admission score. I had a meeting at Mercy the other day. As of now I have a 3.8. I have to take... Read More

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    Has anyone else received their letter yet? I just realized that I put 2010 on my previous post, I meant Fall 2011.

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    I got my acceptance letter this weekend I am so ready to find out more about class schedules and orientation!
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    Is anyone who has been accepted to the MSON Charlotte August 2011 planning on doing the night/weekend program?
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    I remember seeing one person so far who is planning to do the night/weekend program. I don't remember who though. I will be doing the day program- hopefully the accelerated program after the first semester.
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    Do anyone know how are the test given. Are the information is exactly how the book is

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