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relocating to charlotte, nc area

  1. 0 in August I will be relocating to the Charlotte area. By the time I move I will have about 3 yrs total RN experience
    2 yrs in the ER and 1 yr on Telemetry. I am soooo not willing to go back to work on a Telemetry floor but I will if thats the only job I can get. I would have to work overnights as I am a single mother again...anyways whats the likelyhood of getting a job in the ER with 2 yrs experience? also what are the average payrates for RN in the ER?? also I would like to get a Per Diem job as well...are these hard to come by? in NJ where I am now they are everywhere.....most employers here would rather per diem so they dont have to give benefits....also does anyone know the payrates for Per Diem jobs?
    o and i have my most recent job performance evaluation which rated me Above Average as far as performance goes. so that should look good for me right?

    thanks in advance!!!!
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    I work in Charlotte in Corrections Cre pay is better than the hospitals and your experience is appropriate for the work. At the jail we have some who've worked in the ER before. This is still triage but when they are really sick we just send them to the hospital. I feel safe working here and I've been in corrections for 4 years.
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    BTW Corrections makes about $26 hr to start compared to about $22 or $23 hr at the hospitals. The work is easier too!
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    carleah, will they hire an ADN new graduate?

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