Raleigh, nice place to live?

  1. We will be moving to Raleigh due to my husband being transferred.. we both have never even visited the state. Is this a nice place to live and raise a family? Looks like I will be taking a pay cut, but that is OK.. I may only do PRN

    Can someone give me honest opinions of this city? Not too concerned about where to work, just nervous about the city itself, I have no idea what to expect. Where are the nice places to live?
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  3. by   macgirl
    Not sure where you are from....But having lived other places, Raleigh is awesome, and after first moving here, it was great, I suffered from really bad culture shock. It has a lot of people from all over so the culture is great, Chapel Hill is good too. But If I could have lived anywhere, when I first moved here, Raleigh is the city I would have chosen. It's now my second choice, Chapel Hill is now my first, but it's a close call.
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  4. by   sandanrnstudent
    I live 45 min east of Raleigh, but go there to shop and fine dine. It's known as a great place to live and work. The commute is a bare during rush hour, FYI. As for where to live, I've never lived there. My aunt lives in Fuquay Varina (a subset of Raleigh) and that is a nice family area.

    Also, FYI Raleigh,NC is the 2nd fastest growing city in the country right now.

    Hope others post from the area and can offer more.

  5. by   mmc51264
    Apex is nice and has a cute downtown, some of the better schools. Where is your husband working? I live SW of the city proper (Johnston County) If he is RTP, Chapell Hill/Carrboro but that is not Wake Co. (Orange I think) and don't know a ton. North Raleigh is growing and VERY challenging traffic-wise. Overall, It is a nice place. It can be a culture shock and there is a definite dichotomy between people that have lived here all their lives and the many transplants from up north.
    Raleigh has a lot to offer culturally. Good thing, 2 hours or less to the beach and about the same to the mountains. A day's drive to DC or Orlando. We moved here from Chicago in 2005 and are probably going to stay.