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  1. I graduated May 2009 with my BSN. I moved to CA to be with my husband who is in the military and received my license there. I lived there for almost 3 years and never found a decent nursing job, especially a hospital that would accept me into there new grad program. I was always told I had been out of school to long and it was open for recent graduates. Mind you I have no experience so how would I gain experience for the experienced positions, I have no idea.

    I finally found Mollen in the Fall of 2010 and worked some shifts for about a month until all of them were taken or were cancelled due to lack of participation from the community. I then applied to a home health agency which I thought wouldn't hire me because I was an inexperienced nurse but they did. It sounded great while I'm interviewing. I would have great hours each week however, the pay was not good $19/hr for a RN. I took it anyway to try and get some experience plus it was only my husband and I and I didn't need their benefits so I was fine. I had about 3-4 days of orientation on a patient that I knew I couldn't handle myself (I'm small frame 4'11 and she was completely immobile) but her treatment plan offered a lot of knowledge and skills. When it came time for me to be on my own I had a totally different patient and I was so nervous and I felt like I was doing the patient a disservice especially if something happened, thankfully I did well. About a week or two into working I realize that I'm not getting any hours at all and the patients I am visiting are basically my gas money each shift. I only worked 4-8 hours each week which wasn't helping me at all especially since I took the job with low pay and expected more hours. I ended up calling a previous job which was a daycare on base who had actually hired me prior to the home health job but I declined because it was in my field. The daycare agrees to hire me back and that's when they start offering me all sorts of hours and to clients that I have little knowledge and skills because I never experienced in nursing school. I really wanted a nursing job but my license was more important at the time than a job in my field. I worked at the daycare and it was okay but I knew ultimately I wanted to do nursing but I love children.

    Fast forward: In May 2011 my husband receives orders to NC and I start applying for licensure and everything is approved and I start applying in June and July. Before we arrive in NC I find out that I am pregnant, so my mind immediately starts to wonder what to do. I have applied to all the surrounding hospitals and I haven't received an interview to date. I am getting very discouraged and I'm wondering if I should just give up on nursing and try another field however, I can't let go. I have spent my money, blood, sweat and tears on my degree and license and I just can't quit. Are there refresher programs that would take a candidate as myself since I haven't had any acute care or worked in hospital setting before? In CA they would only recommend refresher courses for nurses who worked but took off after having children and are now returning to the workforce. I really want to work as a nurse and I pray everyday that someone will call and give me a chance but since I've been out of school a while I feel that a mentor program is only best for me at this time. Also, I'm nearing 6 months of pregnancy which may also be a hinderance when entering the workforce. If you all have any advice please share it with me I would greatly appreciate it. TIA

    P.S. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors.
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    I don't have any advice but it may help if everyone knew what part of NC you are close to? I know the job market in NC is a little different statewide, but I heard the Triad area is good, note sure about Charlotte though.
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    Sorry I did forget that part didn't I. We are stationed in Eastern NC (New Bern area) so anything between Morehead City and Jacksonville is where I'm looking.