Please advise me nurses!

  1. Hi all! I am faced with a unique situation. I got into GTCC's nursing program beginning Spring 2010 and also I got into Forsyth Tech's Spring 2010 program as well. Have any of you heard which is better? I realize that this is a good position to be in and am very thankful. I just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with either school. Thanks!
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    it's a personal decision for you considering differences in tuition/fees, commute, where clinicals will be, friends accepted into the program also, parking, etc...

    just go through a list of things (like above and others) that are important to you and a choice should appear, unless u have a true toss up, then just flip a coin, ha.

    forgot to add, congrats and both schools are fine.
  4. by   getting2work
    I currently attend Forsyth. I think it is a great program. It's tough, but prepares you for the NCLEX and real life after graduation. One person in our class came from the GTCC program and said she likes ours better. This is the only thing I have heard about GTCC. Congrats on getting into both! Look at maybe what hospitals you may want to work at after and which ones you will be doing clinicals at as well.
  5. by   NC Girl BSN
    Go to the NCBON and see who has the highest NCLEX pass rate. Also check out the clinical sites and see are the close to you and the types of facilities they are. Also find out the lowest C grade that each one has. This could make a difference. Congrats!
  6. by   ejones962
    Thank you for all of your responses! You were all very helpful.
  7. by   MsQueenie
    I also got admitted!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   ssmcrae
    How many points did you have. gpa? applying this sept for jan 2011. any suggestions?
  9. by   MsQueenie
    I had 62 points. I am right now in the program, my first semester and the work load is overwhelming, but am up for it. A few weeks ago i had my first exam and i passed with B. I don't know how many points you have but if you ahve 50 and above you will be in a good position with other competitors. But always remember nursing is not for competition it's to full understand what you study, Education is very costly in terms of money, time and relationships so make the best use of it. Thanks. Good luck
  10. by   MsQueenie
    Oh! I forgot- My G.P.A was 4 with A's Ranking in the 97, and 100. but while am in the nursing program, am trying to maintain those grades but it looks like a long time lost dream, but am still intact with my strategies in my nursing program. Thanks
  11. by   ssmcrae
    hii, Thanks. So far i will have 54 points without Bio 156 and Bio 166. I know forysth just look at grades but gtcc look at other things for their ranking. like soc, aca, and points if you have anything other than CNA. Im a phlebotomist and Med Aid so with gtcc i will have 39points for the deadline in sept 2010. Is there anything other than grades that forsyth look at that not listed in their info packet.I just applied to Queens university ASN program last week and have to go take their kaplan entrance exam in the morning. But if i dnt get into their program this fall i will stay here in greensboro and hopefully get into GTCC or FTCC or any other surrounding schools.