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  1. 0 I am a registered nurse in Syracuse, NY. I am a new grad but got a job before I even passed my boards. I worked as an LPN for a year in a doctors office then went back to school for my RN. I work on the ICU floor and have been there about 2 months. My question is this. My parents are moving to NC in the fall and I would like to go with them. They are looking to move to the Concord or Huntersville area which is outside of Charlotte. I have heard some really discouraging things about the job market for nurses in NC. I know here in NY no one has trouble finding work as an RN. I do only have my associate degree and won't have a full year in when I move. I went to a very good nursing school which is nationally accredited. Looking to hear from anyone that live in these areas to learn about the job market. Thanks.
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    Lots of jobs here now, start applying at Novant health, (they have a lot of hospitals) it really depends on if your willing to drive to them. But start applying soon, they are hiring for summer....

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