New LPN Down and out in NC: Where are the jobs?

  1. Okay I just got my license yesterday! I was so excited!! I have been looking for jobs but never seem to get call backs. Everyone wants an RN. I had kind of psyched myself into believing that once I got my liscense the job search would be a little easier.

    Now the reality is setting in; I may not be able to get a job in NC. Everywhere they are looking for at least one year of experience. How are you suppose to get this experience if no one is willing to hire you? Even the temp agencies have the audacity to ask for one year of experience!

    I think I am going to have to take a job outside of nursing and just go back next fall for RN. That way at least I will have a better chance. I can't afford to relocate; so it really sucks!!
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  3. by   EmilyLucille523
    Not to discourage you but even when you do get your RN I hope the job market improves here in NC because don't be surprised to find it hard to get a job then too. I have many New Grads who work with me that state half their class have not yet found a job here in NC and are desperate too. It was hard for me to get a New Grad job here last year too. Go back to school soon and work your way up to BSN if possible so by that time maybe all these soon-to-be retired nurses will retire and there will finally be some job openings for your guys.

    Good luck.

    By the way, where have you applied? Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes??? Just curious.
  4. by   paacollins
    LTC and physician's offices are where you find most of the LPN jobs around here (NC triad). Hospitals rarely hire LPNS. As another poster said, RN jobs are hard to come by too. I am an RN and I took a job in LTC because the hospitals weren't hiring. If there is a Golden Living Center near you, check it out. That is where I was hired and we have hired numerous LPNS and RNS since I started in Jan. Best of luck to you.
  5. by   birthrevolution
    I'm not sure where you are, but I was just on Duke's website and there were quite a few LPN openings, in both hospital and clinic sites.
  6. by   GCW-LPN
    I am also a new lpn graduate and is finding it difficult too. Do not give up because I just got my license last month and thank God that I have had 2 wonderful interview within i week and I am just waiting for background checks to be done. They are both pt (1st q other wk-end & 2nd per diem days). Forget the agencies. Go to and get a list of nursing homes close to you. Then call them up and ask if they're accepting applications for lpn positions. If they say they're accepting but not hiring, still go in and fill out an application. You never no, because that's the case with my 2nd interview. I hope this was helpful.
  7. by   MusicNurseCarrlee
    I remember feeling discouraged as a new graduate but it does get better. I second the suggestion to look at opportunities in Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facilities. Contrary to what is often rumored, you will get REAL nursing experience and respectable pay in these environments. This is a good starting point as a new graduate. This would also give you a financial base of support as you pursue your RN and advance your education. Once you have gained experience, it becomes much easier to find more(and possibly better) work both locally and abroad. Brighter days are ahead for you: )
  8. by   Spoiled1
    If you are in Charlotte look at Carolinas Healthcare--their LPN positions are usually listed as "clinical assistants" which is under "patient care support". Also try home care agencies-I know Maxim is looking for LPNs currently as well as LTC and rehabilitation facilities. Carolinas Rehab tends to hire LPNs too. someone told me that the VA hospitals are partial to LPNs--I can't say. But I know Salisbury NC VA had a listing last week for an LPN nurse. Try those! Good luck
  9. by   sunygrl
    I have been an LPN for 12 years, and over that time frame have seen some changes. LPNs aren't being hired in hospitals like they were in the past. Most hospitals seem to want RNs now. I work in a family medical office, and in the past, have worked in LTC. It really depends on what you want to do in your nursing career. Of course, I'll encourage you to go for RN if you can. But if you're happy at LPN, then don't sweat it. Do what makes YOU happy.

    I love working in a Dr's office, and can't imagine doing anything else. However, if I go back for RN degree, then that will decrease my chances of working in a Dr's office. Unless I want to be in a supervisor position, which I don't. Not after seeing the long hrs, the stress, on low salary pay, etc. Its just not worth the time I would spend away from my family.

    When you're looking for a job, don't overlook the certified medical assistant positions that may be advertised. Most offices will hire an LPN for this position as well. Good luck on your job hunt!
  10. by   sissykim
    Go to Jail. Have you considered correctional nursing. They are big on LPNs. Go to jail.
  11. by   macgirl
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  12. by   Lpnnow
    I know this is old but I'm desperate !! Do any of you have any leads for a new lpn? Everyone I call wants experience!! Please help
  13. by   macgirl
    Thomasville medical center, most nursinghomes. Like White Oak Manor. Where do you live?
  14. by   macgirl
    Might try posing to a larger forum, also try Craigslist, and Simply Hired. Got good leads from both of them.