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I am applying to the LPN program for Spring 2010. I was originally in the RN program, however failed my summer class by one point. :banghead: Anyway. I was wondering has any of the new LPN graduates found full time jobs? ... Read More

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    Is happening to me right now, no luck Iam LPN grad Dec 2010 License for nothing is is very sad.... I feel so bad.... and broke that is even funny......many jobs for LPN but they said "at least one year experience" how we are going to get that experience?.....

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    Try to relocate outside USA. There is true shortage of nurses in Third World countries (esp in South America and India).

    You can keep on searching and waiting here in US but it may be a while before you can find anything. In the mean time you are wasting precious years of your life.
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    10-16-2011 Any new graduates in Manassas,Va having problem with getting jobs? where are the jobs? Where do I start? Did the ECPI univresity help with job placement? Is there any mentoring programs going on??
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    Quote from AshleyA
    They need to train you. Don't let them cheat you by not getting enough training before you are on your own.
    I am going to graduate the LPN program in December 2011. I'm also scared because I feel that I haven't had enough hands-on experience in the clinical setting to be on my own after just a few shifts of training in the LTC setting. How much training time is typically given to a new LPN grad in LTC setting?

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