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I am applying to the LPN program for Spring 2010. I was originally in the RN program, however failed my summer class by one point. :banghead: Anyway. I was wondering has any of the new LPN graduates found full time jobs? ... Read More

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    I am a new graduate LPN--graduated May 2008 and got my license June 2008. Got a job a few weeks later and have worked there ever since. It is at a nursing home--not my dream job by any means but the pay is good and I am getting experience and practicing my skills. I am going back to school to get my RN because i know this is not what i want to do forever. But it works well for me now and I am getting experience. Might think about looking into long term care or agency nursing because they have openings.

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    I graduated from the LPN program July 13, 2010 and took the NCLEX August 26th and passed. I just got a job this week 9/9/10 with an agency. You guys should really check into that. They find jobs for you and you can work as little or as much as you want. It's perfect for me since I'm working on classes for transition to RN. As of right now they will be tossing me between a Health & Rehab and Hospice. It's really good pay too. I know most people are trying to get into the hospital, but experience is experience. Get what you can and if you fins something better later, then switch. I have had a couple of people from my class get jobs with hospitals so keep trying!!
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    I'm glad to hear some recent good news. . second week of . I was wondering what area that agency is located that hired new grad....Plsss let me know ..thanks
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    Quote from myperads
    I am applying to the LPN program for Spring 2010. I was originally in the RN program, however failed my summer class by one point.

    Anyway. I was wondering has any of the new LPN graduates found full time jobs? There are always job postings for RN openings, but never an LPN. Unless it's a nursing home or an agency.

    Am I just wasting my time? Should I just work for a year and reapply to the RN program for next summer and possibly graduate Spring 2011? Or should I stay on course and graduate as a LPN Summer 2010?
    Hi. I was in the same boat you are-failing RN prog by one point (I was 3/4 finished with RN school). I challenged the Board (LPN) and passed in November! (yay). I have been searching for a job ever since!!! I have had 2 interviews..submitted TONS of resumes and nothing...yet. My friend who was a CNA for almost 18 years had been working at an agency and applied there for LPN assignments and has worked 2 days (she works PRN). Anyway, I haven't given up the job search yet, but am going to go back for my RN. I live in Pensacola, Florida, and LPN jobs are always posted. I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to work ANYWHERE...especially the 11p-7a shift/weekends, however it seems nobody cares what shift I am willing to work.

    DON'T GIVE UP! If nursing is something you REALLY want to do, PUSH AHEAD! You can do it! I am not giving up! Good luck to you!
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    It really isn't easy for new graduates to find a job especially in this economy.
    I graduated from a practical nursing school back in June 2010, took my boards and became an LPN back in October. Up until January, I was having a really hard time looking for a job. I tried looking in so many job search sites, including local job sites, and pretty much all of the postings looking for an LPN wanted someone with experience. I thought how could I get experience without working??? It didn't seem fair to me but nevertheless, my search continued.
    I contacted an old classmate of mine online and asked him how his search was going, and he recommended to me one job looking for LPNs that deals with substance abuse clients. I sent in my resume, got an interview quickly, and boom: I got a job! Really, if I didn't ask that classmate, I'd probably still be looking for work.
    Right now, I'm per diem. It's not what I wanted, but at least I got work and can now start building up my resume. Keeping in contact with people and simply asking around certainly helps, like it did for me.

    Now regarding about whether or not you should either work one year and reapply to the RN program next summer, I would recommend going back to the RN program and giving it another go, especially since you mentioned the lack of job openings for an LPN. In my area, there are plenty of job openings for an LPN (experienced though, but job openings still). I think since you already had your foot a bit in the door by having been in the RN program before, to try again. Maybe in your area, a new RN may have a better chance of landing a job than a new LPN.

    Good luck with everything! And don't give up!
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    good luck on even getting a positon in a LTC facility as a new graduate, I am even asking for NOC shift all weekends and holidays...I will work looks like they are hiring thru employee search type providers who al are looking for at leats 1 yr. exp...query??? How can I get exp. if I can not get a job?? Furthermore why do they not concider the clinical rotations we did in school as no exp. at all? Does my schopoling mean nothing??? It's such s jipp and i am ticked offf.I worked hard as a single mom with disabled sons and pulled off a 3.4 GPA!!! It doesn't mena squat apparently.... what is that teaching my sons?? that education is worthless no matter how good you are....... I will keep trying but it looks grim here in Wisconsin and I can not kmove to another state until next May not this May...grrrr.
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    Agencies?? none ehre any here want exp. of at least one year as a LPN!!! I am screwed....whsat the heck ma i suppossed to do now?? I am in chem class presently and its difficult the teacher is very hard driven and maticulous about everything..I need to pass that so I can move on to A&P 1 and A&P2...yes trying to get in RN program myself...GRRR...this whole thing sucks I am soo depressed...wish I could move to Texas least there will be no snow if you move south enough....
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    and i post typos sorry compadres!!)
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    Well, I've had about 3 more interviews since my last post and I FINALLY GOT A JOB!
    I am working at a substance abuse/psychiatric facility, but it's the field I actually want to be in as an RN. I mean, I would have been happy with ANY job as an LPN, but I lucked out getting a job in the field I wanted. It's only PRN, but it's a start and I am getting some experience.

    I just wanted to encourage other LPNs who are still looking to KEEP ON LOOKING..don't give up! You will find something eventually. Good luck and God bless!

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