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Hello fellow nurses, I graduated with my BSN in 2009 and I am an RN, looking to relocate to North Carolina. I would like to move to Raleigh but I'm sure the job market is competitive because its... Read More

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    Thank you! I'm ready to get in there and get some experience!

    Also look at Rex, they just opened up several New Grad Positions. I know that Cape Fear is hiring new grads but has a pretty extensive process (with references and transcripts) so if you are out of state...get on it pretty quick (think the deadline is the end of the month). I know how long it took my school in AZ to get stuff out here!

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    Quote from Ready2Help
    They told me they were making the decision early this next week for the position I was interviewing for.

    I actually had an interview on Thursday at UNC for the NICU and was offered a position before I left. I start orientation on the 17th and am super excited!
    Omg that's my dream job! Congratulations!! That's awesome, the NICU is where I will hopefully end up some day.

    We may be interviewing for the same position at Johnston. I wonder how many people they're interviewing.
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    I actually got a call this morning from Johnson Medical Center to interview for a job on the 3rd floor peds/med surg unit. I'm so surprised I even got a call because I don't graduate until December! This will be my first interview so I'm really nervous. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hello guys, I went for my peer interview this morning its with ANM and 1 CNA asking questions ang taking down notes based on my answer. I'm so nervous. It's really tough to find a job now a days I'm working as an RN (PRN) in a nursing home type of facility, the work is overwhelming at first but I'm getting used to it, but i want to leave that job because 1 LPN there seems like hates me, she is so nice to everybody but me. I worked 3-11 for this week in her cart and she work 11-7, I admit im still not as fast of other old timer nurses (LPN & RN) when it come to passing meds but I'm trying to catch up now and able to finish before my time is up but she will arrive 15 mins before her time and keep asking if im almost done, I'm done but still not done cleaning her cart and she seems annoyed, she makes face all the time. she will asked me question about the status of patient but seems like don't believe whatever i say and she will trun her back even before finish my sentence. If I forget to do something, even she seen me staying late that night but for some reason i still forgot 1 of many things i need to do, she will report me to the supervisor the next day saying I ALWAYS don't do the thing i forgot although it only happens that night. It's really tough!

    That's why i really want to get a new job because im so unhappy with my environment, i dont like to argue with her or confront her i just want to leave.
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    Anyone hear back after their interview?

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