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NC CNA Books

  1. 0 I'm looking for the information on the books for the cna exam. I would like to buy them and study. Can anyone help?
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    Are you trying to challenge the exam? If not, your class will tell you the books you need. I challenged the exam in April and used Mosby's Nursing Assistant book. Not sure which area you are in, but I went to Durham Tech's bookstore and found a paper handout (about 50 pages) that listed all the skills with a checklist that was excellent for studying the skills portion. Hope this helps.
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    yeah, just go to ur local cc's bookstore, if they do cna training and ask for the book that the cna classes use.
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    I challenged the test but I printed the information from the website. I passed on the first go. If you are able to do it that way it is much cheaper.
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    Quote from nclady31
    Are you trying to challenge the exam? If not, your class will tell you the books you need. I challenged the exam in April and used Mosby's Nursing Assistant book. Not sure which area you are in, but I went to Durham Tech's bookstore and found a paper handout (about 50 pages) that listed all the skills with a checklist that was excellent for studying the skills portion. Hope this helps.
    Hi NClady31,
    I would prefer to challenge the exam, mostly because of time constraints. I don't think the class costs that much at Durham Tech but it does take 4 months for the traditional track. I have no hands-on experience and have never volunteered (to date). I have worked in the health care field for over 15 years but more in policy, education and now clinical trials. I have completed all pre-reqs and will take pathophysiology next semester. From what I've seen in the CNA test I think I could easily challenge. Can you tell me if you had any CNA experience prior to challenging the exam?

    Are you doing the ADN program at DTech? I'm planning to take the NET in Jan/Feb for Fall 2010 admission.


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    I had been a CNA 1996 so it had been awhile and the test has changed somewhat. The written exam is common sense. Find a book to study and go through chapters reading and taking end of chapter test and you will be fine. The skills portion is the one that freaks most people out. In NC, we have 25 skills they will test you on and if you miss steps, you will fail that portion and have to take it over. The paper back supplement I mentioned is a great help because it has the 25 skills with a checklist and the bold steps you cannot miss. Also, go to youtube and in the search enter jtduncan56 . She is a CNA instructor in NC that has posted all 25 skills being done. By reading, doing and watching the skills you will become more relaxed and confident in doing them.

    I am taking the pre-reqs online through Cleveland CC, but for the ADN program at Durham Tech.

    I still have the Mosby's book and if want to meet somewhere, I will be happy to give it to you. I cannot find the paperback, but it was only about $10.

    One more thing, if you are planning on working as a CNA, start applying as soon as you have your test date. The process with the hospitals and even some LTC facilities can be lengthy.

    Good luck!
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    I would love to meet. Thanks for all the tips. I will definitely check out the YouTube video and look for the paperback. I think I should be fine challenging the exam. Just in case, I'll do it at late as possible in December. This way, if I don't pass I can take the class next Spring so I can be on the register by the deadline in July. I also have a friend who is an RN and willing to help me out.
    Do you live in Raleigh? Why are you taking the pre-reqs in Cleveland CC? Are you also trying for Fall 2010?
    I'm hoping to keep my current job as long as possible, maybe even into the first semester of nursing. The pay is really good and so are the benefits. I can see myself going back as an RN in the future if need be but at a higher level. The CNA would be more for the experience and as a requirement for the ADN. I hope I can work when in nursing school and need to go with what pays the most but allows me to study. I'm completely flexible with that.
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    Cleveland has all the pre-reqs online, including A&P, so it is just so much more convenient. You would think DTCC and Wake Tech would have this option by now. I think since I will not complete my pre-reqs until Spring, I probably will not be considered until Fall 2011. I am also doing the pre-reqs for UNC's program since I have most of the general ed. and possibly could get into a BSN program that last 2 years at the same time I am accepted into the ADN program. I noticed you have a lot of college credits as well. Since you have a goal of MSN, you should look into UNC's program.

    I sent you a couple of PMs.
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    Now that you mention it, I think I"ll look into the BSN at UNC again. Originally I had hoped to get into the ADN at Durham Tech for this Fall but I didn't get done with my pre-reqs on time so now have to wait another year and take Developmental Psych since they changed the requirements from Abnormal Psych. At the time, it made more sense to go to DTech since I could get in and finish faster. But now, since I have to wait anyway, I might look into UNC again. I don't know if I'll get in though since my early on college transcripts are not that pretty. I don't know what my GPA is right, I guess it depends on how it's counted, I've been to several schools as I"ve moved a lot. It might be lower than a 3.0 My pre-reqs are all As except for microbiology, I got a C. I'll have to talk to UNC admissions. I'd rather get the BSN if I can and then go for the MSN. Maybe you should try to get into the BSN too. We could go together.

    Thanks for the reminder.
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    Hello I was just reading your post. I am certified in AL and was watching some of the videos and they were very helpful to me. Is everything that she does correct, and if I did do it like that on the state test I would pass, just wondering because some of the people say she did this wrong or this is done differently. Also on the state exam is everything layed out that you will need or do you have to round it all up? In AL you have to round it up jw?
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    I would suggest getting the actual CNA book from (below website)

    and also, youtube has a lot of videos. It's actually an easy test to pass! I did it!
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    I noticed many of you on this post are taking classes at Cleveland CC Online.
    How is that working out for you? Passing? Or Very Hard?

    Do you use Lab Paq for labs or just the books and online?

    What books do you use for AP? (author ,title, picture whatever you can remember)

    Any suggestions on teachers, easy/hard? Who to take and who not to take?

    We all look forward to your feedback to keep this post alive!

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