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Hello everyone. I thought it would be useful to start a thread about the hospitals in North Carolina and the salary requirements. Does anyone know the starting salary for Duke or Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for someone with a... Read More

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    How long from your interview to offer? I did a shadow interview and am waiting to hear. I interviewed 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

    Congrats!!!!!! What dept?

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    Just got an email for another interview, but @ Duke-Raleigh this time. Does that mean I did not get the other position?
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    I interviewed on a Thursday and heard back the following Tuesday. Good luck!
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    That is not looking good for me. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow. I wish they would at least tell me one way or the other.
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    I got the job!!!! Ortho SNIP. Cloud nine right now
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    Anyone know what the starting pay is for the Wilmington area hospitals?
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    I just accepted an offer for Cone Health in Greensboro and starting is 23.84, not a new grad but it is a residency program.
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    Quote from JenNRob
    Anyone know what the starting pay is for the Wilmington area hospitals?
    I interviewed there at New Hanover, It was ridiculously low approx $19.00 and hour with $1.50hr/ wkd shift diff. I was making $21.42 hr at a Novant hospital with $4.00 hr for nights and $5.35hr (avg out) for wknds. it would have been a major pay cut and a much higher cost of living.
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    I make $24.03hr with UNC health care, $4.00 till 11pm and $5.00 after. Plus $10.00 an hr for weekend nights. I work in psych with 2 years experience. Duke was low got an offer the same day within 3 hrs of each. Duke was $20.74 with a much lower shift and weekend diff. It would have been a pay cut for me. I was at Novant with $20.42 getting nights and weekends diff. They think their name is enough. They do seem to have good educational benefits though.
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    half of my graduating class works at Duke.... more like $20 or $21 base
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