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  1. Anyone living and working in the Moorseville area? Looking to relocate soon just curious about the area, cost of living, best hospitals, etc. I'm a ED nurse and work at a level two trauma center at the moment.
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  3. by   misswoosie
    Yes I live In Mooresville. I replied on one of your other posts re Charlotte jobs for ADNs.
    Mooresvilles hospital is Lake Norman regional medical center- wouldn't recommend it as a patient or probably a nurse either.
    In Satesville (10 miles away) is Iredell Memorial.
    Neither are high level centers for anything.
    CMC Huntersville is about 10 miles south on I77. tRAFFIC ON i77 can be bad at peak times.It now has an ER-just in the last 2 months.
    The commute to CMC nORTHEAST which has a great rep is probably one of the best for a hogher level center.
    We like living in Mooresvile, Most things you need here except major sporting, theater, concerts large department /high end stores but these can be found at Birkdale/Northlake Mall and in Charlotte-also Concord Mills Mall.
    We picked our Lake side of Mooresville as only Iredell county taxes and good schools.
    Mecklenburg taxes are hifher and schools debatable.
    Mooresville has a downtown that is being revitalised.Still ony small but more speciality shops and restaurants opening up all the time.
    It's a typical Sothern ex mill town with the railroad tracks and old hradware store.
    The lake is beautiful.
    Rents are fairly high everywhere around here compared to the cost of houses to buy-IMO .There's a high demand for rentals because of Lowes Corporate headquarters and the NASCAR institute.
    Concord was also an option for us as good hospital/schools and Cabarrus county taxes. Demand for rentals may not be as high there and housing costs are comparable. Obviuosly being on the lake in Mooresville adds a premium.
  4. by   rnsweete
    Ty so much It sounds Like a nice place to live looking forward to the change CMC northeast is that a trauma center? Also, do you know if they have a specific uniform color for the nurses? I'm sure living close to the lake would be amazing probably out of my budget though. Since its the hub of NASCAR do you find it to be really touristy. Sorry for all the questions. Just excited and a little afraid. I really appreciate your help
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  5. by   FurBabyMom
    I live in Durham but my parents live in the Charlotte area (Ft Mill SC) for the same reasons the other poster mentioned living in Iredell county. Mecklenburg county is so expensive... A lot of people live in York and Lancaster counties in SC and drive into Charlotte.

    I've been to Charlotte a lot lately and dont really feel its super touristy. I'm sure certain areas or attractions are but otherwise not really.
  6. by   misswoosie
    No- don't feel that Mooresville is super touristy. We see quite a few out of state registration plates, but then there are still quite a lot of people relocating here from elsewhere.
    Mooresville has a lot of Nascar race team shops and there are tours available, but the speedway is in Concord about 30 miles away and that's where it gets VERY congested when there's racing on.
    The bigger "tourist" attraction is Lake Norman, but still there are limited number of hotels (centered around I77-non in downtown or ON the lake) and maybe 70 or so vacation rental homes. Bear in mind the LakeNorman area covers 4 or 5 counties, including Iredell/Catawba/Meck and Lincoln and is about 30 miles long with around 500 miles of shoreline-so kind of spread out.

    If you have an idea of your budget then I may be able to help there. There are several lake access subdivisions ie they have a boat ramp and maybe a beachy area with picnic tables/grill area etc and some homes have a deeded boat dock situated in the community area. These homes may be in your budget. Several public boat ramps,some of which are very close to affordable homes- only for launching boats. Also various Marinas. Unfortunately if you want to swim you need to have access in your community specifically for swimming, be on the water or go to Lake Norman state park.
    Our home is across from the water but we have a deeded lake access lot across the street with a boat dock for swimming etc which we share with 1 neighbor. Great arrangement as we have an acre and our house is valued at about $280K (smaller 1980s kind of ranch!)A similar house on the lake would be around twice as much on a smaller lot.
    Homes in lake access communities can start as low as the mid 100s, but they will be older,smaller homes in non-cookie cutter SDs .Personally I like some of them, but not to everyones taste. Cool round house for sale in lake access community with a beach area for $160K

    217 Shoreline Loop, Mooresville, NC 28117 MLS# 2100186 - Zillow

    Stutts Marina is literally around the corner.

    Waterfron home for sale on our street for $300k. Needs work as older and has been empty for around 2 yrs, but if modernised etc could easily be worth $500k plus.

    CMC nORTH EAST is an advanced level 3 trauma center.
  7. by   rnsweete
    You are so awesome ty so much for taking the time to help me. I think between 200-250,000 would be my budget right now. I looked online and it said they have a level one trauma center is that part of the Cmc in Charlotte?
  8. by   misswoosie
    You're welcome to the help.
    For your price range you should be able to get a home in one of the lake access SDs that have pools etc or in one of the more rural,less cookie cutter , no HOA SDs with lake access.We still have quite a few bank owned properties for sale here, but definitely less than there were ,plus I've noticed more sales and things selling more quickly too.
    Do you have an idea of what you want in a home-ie lot size, sq ft etc etc. Would you consider a condo or Town home?
    Sorry- not sure if it's just you coming or family too.
    The level 1 trauma center is CMC Charlotte. The commute to Charlotte from Mooresville depends on timing.
    I can help with SDs if you let me know what you want. It's quite a big area as there's the lake side and then the Mooresville downtown side.
  9. by   rnsweete
    I'm really not picky with any of those things would love to be by the lake though. I would definitely consider a town home. My biggest concern would be safety. Which it sounds like the area is safe anyway. It's just me and my two kids I will have to look into the Cmc-Charlotte!!!
  10. by   misswoosie
    They are building homes at The Reserve at Morrison Plantation prices from $232,000 -but only 1 remaining now.It is very close to the lake and some homes had waterviews, but imagine they are gone. This is a new part of an older SD-Morrison plantation where there are also quite a few resales in your price range. I don't know how I feel about the older part of MP.Fairly large SD for the area and lots are smaller,roads in the SD a little busier, but it has a nice pool area and Tennis courts and is very close(walkable with sidewalks and pedestrian crossing)s to Lowes YMCA and shopping /restaurants etc and access to I77 to Charlotte.It doesn't have access to the lake for boats or swimming, but then majority of HOA/cooky cutter SDs don't.
    Other similar SDs are Wyndham shores- quieter area but not much further from shops etc.Right next to Lake Norman elementary school. Has 2 pools/boat storage and a boat ramp. Larger lots. Smaller SD.
    Also Winslow bay. My favorite SD out of these 3. Has tennis courts, park, pool and boat ramp. Larger lots. Some streets are nicer than others. Very walkable (IMO- I'm English!-about 1/2 mile) with sidewalks all the way to Winslow Bay commons which has super Target, TJ Max, Ross, Part city, etsmart etc plus coffee and a couple of places to eat. Further from Schools but closer to I77. Very pleasant.
    In these SDs you would expect to get a 2300-2500sq ft 3-4 bed or maybe bigger for around $200k
    Harbor cove with pool and boat ramp. Very much the same as the last 2 and about the same prices/age etc. Again on a busy road like Water oak below.

    Then there's Water oak which is newer (2005 onwards) . A little further out off a very busy road-close to the high school.
    Right next door is a new shopping center with Harris Teeter and a few places to eat.
    These lots are very small, but the homes are cute. It has a nice pool area and you can walk down to the edge of the lake.
    Most of the homes are under 2000 sq ft but becasue its newer they are still around the $200k mark or less.

    These are the SDs I would recommend for ones with pools and HOAs.They're all with 1 OR 2 miles of each other and have good access to I77 etc. Traffic on HWY 150 can get quite heavy at peak times, but it always moves and nothing like what we were used to in the UK.

    These SDs are all within the city of Mooresville.They have city water/sewer and trash collection. The propertt taxes are about twice what you'll pay for a home that's Iredell county taxes only.
    We are Iredell only .TV of $290k and we pay $1600 per year taxes.
    If you don't have city water/sewer/trash then you have either a community well and you pay them for your water, or you have your own and your water is free!!! That's what we have. For sewer you have a septic tank.
    Well water is divine!

    Outside of these SDs into the more rural, less cookie cutter SDs there are many areas that have a mix of different ages/sizes and styles of homes around the lake.
    We live in the area known as Mallard Head off Brawley School Rd. CLose to elementary and middle school and not far to LN High where our son goes. It's a penninsula with several roads off it and the lake and golf course are eveywhere really.
    The SDs vary a lot.We live on one of the first established in the 60s when they created the lake, but all homes are different ages. Lots are .5 acres or more. Lots of trees-no pool or comm features but some of the non lake front homes are waterview. Others which are more likely to be in your price range back onto the golf course.
    We live off Canvasback Rd.
    My parent own a small house further down Brawley School Road off Stutts rd. This has Stutts Marina and Holiday Harbor Marina off it and has many different areas off it.Some are a little run down with some trailers, but others are pretty and there are some lovely waterfront homes. Parents bought their home in 2006 and never had any problems and it stands empty for 6 months of the year.
    This is whwere the round house is. Some of the small SDs have community lake access with picnic tables and swim area etc. None have pools.

    Lots of places to look at in your price range.

    How close are you to moving here?

    Town homes would be mainly right behind the shopping center at Morrison plantation