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I'm just curious if there is anyone out there that has applied to the summer session at Mercy! Letters go out next week!... Read More

  1. by   browneyedgirl1104
    To all that are anxiously waiting like myself I just spoke with **** at Mercy SON Pgh Pa and she said we should have our letters by the middle of next week.I had asked her about all of the seats being filled by last December and she sad "NO"...I didnt think that made any sense as they had an open house in Feb and they were accepting peoples money when apps were submitted.She did in fact confirm that there were seats open and that if someone was put on the wait list it was because they didnt make the cut at that time.

    So another nail biting week goes by and we will all find out our fate by next week. Not to sound like Im preaching or anything but as nervous as I am like anyone else,I have strong faith that God would NOT have brought me this far and had me go through all I have went through this last yr getting all prereqs done only to not be accepted... So with that being said I wish everyone the best and hope we all hear the answeer we have been waiting on.
    I actually did apply to 2 schools ,Kinda like a default plan in the event that I wasnt first choice for a school. So they will be sending out letters as well but not til the end of March early April. Gotta have faith (and a little back up plan never hurts lol) !!!!
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  2. by   VickyRN
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  3. by   JenMo131
    i was told that i am "accepted pending a seat" and that when i applied.. rejection letters were sent out, waitlist letters were sent out, and acceptance letters were sent out. so if someone "didnt make the cut" i assume they would have gotten a rejection letter. if this is the case.. i really wish they would have just told me im not accepted so that i can plan everything out. this is my life and i do not have another year to wait either. im extremely upset over all of this. i am going to call or possibly go there tomorrow and see what they tell me

  4. by   javapearl
    JenMo131.... hang in there. Seats will probably open up, due to students going to other colleges, and having last minute obligations, second thoughts, etc. If I were you, I would try to get all the cpr requirements, and clearances done, like now... that way when they do have a seat at the last minute, you are not scrambling to squeeze that all in. Being waitlisted is not as bad as being totally rejected. I know it is hard when you want it so bad, and time frames are so important. I feel you there. If you are waitlisted, and do not get in, does it mean you are a definite in for the next class. ??? I have applied at some backup schools, but it is very close to deadlines to be trying to do that, now. Frustrating. Hang in there. If this time and school is ment to be for you, it will. Everything happens for a reason. I wish you well.

    And, as a side note....As for the God wanting one person to have this more than other... not so sure anyone of us has worked harder, or been through more than the other as far as completeing prereq's go. We have all suffered, and God has brought us ALL this far, and the man DOES NOT play favorites. Amen.
  5. by   browneyedgirl1104
    I love javapearls take on this and I feel the same way God has a plan for all of us.He knows are hearts and desires and hes not a man that would steer us wrong.We all now just have to sit back and wait and let life happen.In the mean time like java suggested start getting all of your thing together and hold on to the faith.Im sure people cx the acceptance letters weather it be change of heart, $, timing what ever so dont be discouraged until you run out of recourse's.I understand thats very hard because I am not sure I wont feel the same way as you if I get waitlisted or just not accepted at all!!! So with that being said JenMo131 there could be people who dont pass clearances etc... So chin up buttercup and I will be praying for you also. Have you applied to any other schools?? What kind of envelope do you get ?is it a thick one? thin? I know when mine comes this week I am gonna be so afraid to open I will keep everyone posted. Good luck to all that are waiting like myself!!!
  6. by   javapearl
    Hello! Soooooooooo excited! Got my acceptance letter today!!!!!! I barely read the first line, and just started bawling. I am so thankful and appreciative. The letter was semi-thick, there was about 5 pages enclosed. I will be placing my deposit to hold my seat in the mail, first thing Monday morning. I hope you all will be getting your good news, soon!

    If you are reading this for the first, time... and you have been applying to schools, never give up and stop believing in yourself. It is a very emotional and trying time, and lots of waiting.

    I have not quit smiling, and I am on cloud nine. Can't wait to hear if anyone else has been admitted....

    Best wishes everyone!
  7. by   browneyedgirl1104
    Congrats to you !!!! Still nothing for me I will be patiently waiting on Monday!!! Javapearl can you email me I have a few questions regarding school...TY Thanks
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  8. by   JenMo131
    well.. i got accepted! super super excited!!!

    thank god!
  9. by   javapearl
    Congratulations! I know how bad you wanted this! Good for you! Join us over at the other Mercy post, it is it is for students attending this fall, 2011. If you join us, that will make 4 so far! Did your friend get in with you, too? How bad have you been celebrating? hahah We partied like rock-stars all week at my house!
  10. by   jocelynb
    Has anyone ever applied to their LPN to RN program that starts every Fall?