LPN Needs Work Now!!PLEASE HELP!

  1. I live in steel creek area in Charlotte North Carolina I moved here from metro Atlanta area..I need a job quick. I currently work a little side job part-time that I took why I waited on my nursing license which I have now. But I need help if you have any ideas pleaselet me know. I have set up a facebook,twitter and linked in and craigslist page I am trying to sell my self..I have plenty of mds, long-term care experience,rehab,forensics,mental health,and developmentally disabled. I can email you a resume if you feel you can help me. I have applied online and mailed resumes out I am trying my best and I hope someone here can help me thanks guys god bless!!
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  3. by   ejm123
    Look up telerex - it's quite a drive but they offer really decent pay to LPN's. However it is a desk job. (it's a pharmaceutical company) - also not many hospitals will hire lpns now - try home health - novant, bayada, health and home svc.
  4. by   TrophyWife
    Hopefully you have found something by now, but my suggestion is to physically go to some nearby nursing homes. It will cost you some money in gas, but if it pays off it will be worth it. Even though everything is online these days, I am a firm believer that pounding the pavement still works... especially at smaller institutions. Of course, knowing someone is always quicker, faster, better, but if you don't, you just gotta make something happen for yourself. Best wishes.