Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam

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    Has anyone taken the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam? I am having a hard time trying to find any information about this exam (even on the Kaplan website). I recently took the exam at Queen's University of Charlotte. I am just wondering what is considered a "good" score or what the national average is. I only scored a 64% which shocked me since I usually score really well on these types of test. However, this test was a little harder than other test that I have taken such as the NET, TEAS, and ACT. So if anyone has any information and/or would like to share your score please feel free! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi. I took that test a month ago for a small school up here in Maine. I didn't really find much on it either, except for the study guide which I did purchase and study. I studied for about 2 weeks and I got a 76%. I know in this area 64% would be about average.. and wouldn't mean you certainly would not get in. Usually below 60% up here would mean you would have to re take it or re apply. The science section is obviously the tough one.. I only got a 50% in that section and scored pretty high on the rest of the test, which is why my overall went down to a 76%. I have seen on this site other people talking about 85% which is pretty darn high for this test. I wouldn't worry if I were you, but every school is different with how they gauge it. If you want to know your schools average score on this test try asking the admissions counselor. They may or may not give you that information.
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    Thank you JLChasteen! It was nearly impossible to find ANY info about this exam other than the name! lol
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    I made a 67% on it and was accepted into the ASN program...so they don't look too much in it!
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    I applied to Queens as well. I scored 67% on the Kaplan. However, I was placed on the waitlist
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    Alex0325, Were you accepted into the ASN at Queens?
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    aw im sorry!

    Yes i was! i got accepted into the ASN program for Fall 2011
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    Congrats!! I wonder why I was waitlisted Oh well I'm glad I even made it that far!! Lol
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    Scores within the range below 80's seem to happen more often than not, I would like to do better, but as the OP stated there is not a lot of information out here on this test.
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    Hey Guys !!!!
    I took the test today!!! I was soooo nervous. I made 79% overall!!!. I think the reading and writing were pretty easy . The math seemed pretty simple. The science section was the hardest I made 70% on it. Well i sure hope that will be enough to get me in.

    And Alex0325, did you get in ????

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