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  1. I'm a new grad from FL and I may be relocating to Cherry Point with my boyfriend who is a Marine. Can anyone tell me what the Job market is like for new grads in the area? Also, what are the hospitals like and which would you recommend working at? I'm interested in a Med-Surg job. All I can find on google maps are Navy Hospitals is there anything else?
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  3. by   DSchulte99
    Navy hospitals hire civilians check Gs job would be great because they will help you find a new job when he pcs.
  4. by   UWFSN
    Thanks for the advice! I am worried about getting a job at a Military hospital as a new grad because I'm afraid I won't get the experience I need. I've heard RNs do mostly management work unless its ER and the corpsman do the hands on stuff.
  5. by   chare
    Carolina East Medical Center, in New Bern, is about a 30 minute drive from Cherry Point. Vidant Health maintains several hospitals in eastern NC; depending upon where you end up residing, some of these might be within driving range.

    Good luck in your relocation.
  6. by   DSchulte99

    That is not 100% true. The corpsman are trained to do most of everything however what they do is up to you. On my floor it is myself and a corpsman tasked to 3-6 patients. As a new grad these corpsman may know more than you and they are a very reliable resource. There are some nurses that delegate everything out. Any more questions please let me know. I am a Navy Nurse stationed in Pensacola.
  7. by   UWFSN
    No way! I'm in Pensacola too! I've been considering getting a job here to get experience and then following him out later. Do you know if there are any openings for civilian nurses here? I checked out USA jobs and all I found was a position at the VA clinic and prisons.
  8. by   shorti3287
    I know you posted this a little while ago but thought I could help. I lived in Havelock while my husband was stationed there. I went to both Carolina Medical and the other hospital in Morehead City. I personally loved the hospital in Morehead city. I delivered my daughter there, and that was wonderful. I also went there routinely for blood work. Everyone I came into contact with as a PT was very nice, friendly and personable. There is no longer a hospital on the base. It has now been made into a health clinic. The town is ALL military. That has its benefits and drawbacks.

    This is personal, but please do not take offense. I am not sure of your age or your boyfriends or your relationship, but the military is another world! My husband and I married at 19 while he was in. I was not prepared for the military life! Best advice, do not trust anyone easily, and make sure you and your boyfriend keep your relationship strong.
  9. by   Gem0607
    I'm a nurse as well as a military spouse aboard at Cherry Point. On base at the clinic they most often times go through agencies and you need one year of experience before getting hired through them. The two hospitals are Carolina East and Carteret General and both have new grad programs that are really good. I worked at Carteret General and really enjoyed my time there. Due to time restrictions (military wife and a baby), I choose another nursing career as a school nurse on base that would allow me to come in and get off at a decent time to drop and pick my child up in case my husband was away for training or something. I think Carteret will be having a New Grad cohort in the fall maybe as well as Carolina East so stalk their websites. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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