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Hi all, I am graduating this May, and I have just received word that I will have an interview at Duke University Hospital next week. I was wondering if anyone had any interview tips for me? This... Read More

  1. by   ea.hunter
    How was your interview? Did they extend an offer?
  2. by   aparker0730
    I have a phone interview with Duke Regional coming up. I am so nervous. Can anyone help me out with what to expect? I've never had a formal interview before and I would appreciate some insight.
    Thank you
  3. by   momathoner09
    There's tons of good info on here with practice interview questions. I would say to study these questions. Be prepared with sample scenarios- "tell me about a time when..." You can use experiences from nursing school or even recent unrelated employment. I always try to be honest, upfront & like to ask them questions as well. Good luck!
  4. by   aparker0730
    Thank you so much. I freeze on the spot with questions like those. So I guess I need to start thinking of scenarios that I've experienced. Thank you.
  5. by   torie RN, NRP, CEN
    Did anyone else receive the email from HR for the Skill Survey references post-interview or pre-interview?
  6. by   tfrederick09
    Hey! So I am a BSN RN from California and I have an interview next week at DUKE and I was wondering if I could private message you or contact you somehow to get advise on the interview, the new grad program, the logistics of moving etc... I am flying out there by myself for the interview and I have never been there and I am essentially doing the same thing you did 3 years ago lol. anyways if you wouldnt mind giving me some advise I would so appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. by   Gale99
    Hi. I also have an interview for Duke next week. I would really appreciate if you share how your interview goes.