If I got to a nursing school in Durham.... If I got to a nursing school in Durham.... | allnurses

If I got to a nursing school in Durham....

  1. 0 Like Watts, where is a nice family neighborhood to live??? Is Cary too far?


    ps I am relocating from California!
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    Going from Cary to Durham at any time of the day is a nightmare... traffic traffic traffic!
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    Alright... Thanks for the warning! What about Raleigh to Durham?
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    It'll be the same, going from Raleigh/Cary/Apex area you're going to use either 55, 64, or 40- all of which are busy busy
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    There are nice neighborhoods near Watts. Duke Park, Watts-Hillandale, Old west Durham, Old North Durham, Northgate Park. Do a search for Apple Realty or Bob Schmitz properties. Durham's a nice city to live in & raise kids. Don't fall for the hype about crime--there are crappy neighborhoods and their are decent neighborhoods, and the cost of living is best in Durham out of the 3 cities in the Triangle.
    PM me if you'd like more info. I heart Durham.
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    @porterwoman, Im lookin got relocate to Durham, for school. Would you say that the neighborhoods you named are still considered to be good? I have been looking for apartments and really have no clue about Durham. What would be a nice neighborhood, to raise two little girls???